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Top 3 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Canopy Tent

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting your business at events or enjoying your time in nature, you need to invest in high-quality canopy tents to make the experience memorable. Even though there are other types of promotional and shelter options available in the market, nothing can beat the cost-effectiveness and longevity of the custom canopy tents. If you’re thinking about outdoor sheltering, you should purchase a custom canopy tent. 

However, keep in mind that canopy tents come in various colors, designs, layouts, and materials, Therefore, choosing the perfect canopy tent might seem like a daunting task. But the purchasing process will become easier if you know some tips. Here are the top 3 things you need to consider before buying canopy tents. 


Consider the Number of People Using the Canopy Tent

Many people purchase four people canopy tents for themselves without knowing the details. This type of tent is ideal for three and comfortable for two people only.  

Even though the specification of the canopy tents says you can accommodate four people, you won’t be able to do that as it would become a tight fit. Additionally, you won’t have any additional space for the luggage. Therefore, you should always purchase a larger canopy tent that will provide you with enough room to relax comfortably. 

If the climate condition becomes moderate, the extra space will help you stay protected from rain, snow, or wind. Consider the space you need from the canopy tent and determine what you want to store underneath it. Don’t forget to consider the height of the people. 

Consider Your Usage

Some specific type of tents is perfect for some particular environment. If you purchase summer canopy tents, they will be made of lightweight materials and have a lot of ventilation. However, this type of tent isn’t designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, three-season canopy tents are capable of withstanding high winds and heavy rain. They will also protect you from cold. 

If you’re going on a camping trip to a snowy place, you need to consider purchasing a winter tent. Make sure you determine your needs and shop carefully while purchasing the canopy tents. 

If you’re camping in fair weather, you don’t need to purchase top-quality canopy tents. As the weather will be warm and sunny, basic canopy tents will prove effective for you. However, weather can change in an instant. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in high-quality canopy tents. 

Consider the Materials of the Tent

Most of the canopy tents made of cotton are extremely waterproof. However, this type of tent will soak water and then they will become very heavy. However, cotton canopy tents are long-lasting and they don’t get damaged as quickly as nylon. As per the Yorkshirefabricshop, cotton can withstand high temperatures.

On the other hand, polyester and nylon canopy tents are also waterproof, but exposure to sunlight will cause deterioration. 

Many manufacturers claim that their canopy tents are waterproof, but the cheaper ones are water-resistant, not water-proof. This means that they can handle only water splashes, nor rain. Make sure you consider the materials before purchasing the canopy tents. The materials you choose will determine the longevity of the tents. 


These are the top 3 things you need to consider before purchasing canopy tents. Do you have any other questions? Comment below to let us know. 

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