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Top 5 Best Free Private Instagram Viewers

An Instagram account is a treasure trove of photos, videos, and stories. It’s also a source of personal information about what life is like for you and your friends. The problem with all that information out there is that accessing it can be costly- your phone bill will cost more than your Instagram password by the time you’re done! Follow our top five best free private Instagram viewer list for access to many of the most popular Instagram accounts without needing to spend anything.


Dumpor is a free Instagram viewer that offers a multitude of features and lots of account options. It lets you browse accounts in different categories and show up to 300 photos in one glance, view posts as they’re being posted, and tag friends by just typing their name instead of using emoticons or stickers. It also allows you to save posts in your favorites, upload your own photo to Instagram without creating an account, and follow the complete profile.


If you’ve ever wanted to view someone’s private Instagram account but didn’t know how you could do it, InstaAgent is a great option for you. This free private Instagram viewer lets you see any picture or video in detail so that you can get a feel for the profile, see who the person is, and maybe stalk him or her privately. You can also view their username and email address, so if you’re feeling creepy, it’s the perfect tool to use!

IG Viewer

If you really want to see someone’s private Instagram pictures, IG Viewer is the perfect tool for the job. You can view their profile and photos without needing to log in, which means you can see everyone’s photos- even if they’re private! You can also browse popular posts from your area or across the globe, search for users by username or email address, and follow other people as well.


InstaView is a free Instagram viewer that lets you see the photos and videos of any user. You can browse through the photos and then enlarge them to get a full view, save them to your own account, or like them. You can also access any user’s username, email address, and password- granted that they haven’t set it to private.


Unigram is another great free Instagram viewer that lets you search for accounts using different filters such as location and username. It’s a great way to find someone and then follow them back. You can also view posts and even save your favorites.


As you can see, using a private Instagram viewer that’s free and accessible on the internet is a great way to find out all kinds of information about other users, whether it be their username, account name, or email address. The best part is that it’s all available without needing to pay out any money!

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