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Irrespective of whether you’re planning to hit the gym, go for a morning run, or simply enjoy some free hours of relaxation, a pair of aesthetic and comfortable gym leggings for women in your wardrobe is a major plus point to help you through any of your daily activities. This is due to the fact that workout leggings for women are nowadays not only used as gym wear but have morphed into the separate fashion genre of athleisurewear. Because of this, fitness brands have started manufacturing versatile leggings that provide support, comfort, and unrestricted movement throughout the day, regardless of whether you’re training hard at the gym or enjoying coffee at a cafe. 

With the advent of this new trend, owning a proper fitting, high-performance, and stylish pair of leggings has become a demand and necessity for almost all females. Additionally, if you’re a gym go-er then you should know how influential a pair of flexible and breathable leggings can be during workouts. With this in mind, we have accumulated a list of last year’s top brands that produced the best gym leggings for women throughout the activewear market, enabling numerous females to pursue and achieve their fitness goals.


A brand that acknowledges the fact that in order to become the best version of yourself, you need to strive your hardest and struggle towards greatness, SQUATWOLF enables females worldwide to do their best by providing high-quality gym wear that enables them to surpass their limits regardless of whether it’s heaving iron in the gym or charging through intense runs. Their line of gym leggings for women will have you marching on the journey of self-empowerment with zero distractions and exceptional support. SQUATWOLF’s workout leggings for women are made using advanced manufacturing procedures, to provide you with functional, durable, and comfortable gym wear that matches your appetite for fitness and training. 

Their latest “LAB 360° Leggings” are engineered to be performance-enhancing and highly flexible, allowing you to perform all your arduous workouts with confidence, ease, and assurance. These leggings can be considered as state-of-the-art gym wear, designed using the insights and experiences of various athletes and fitness coaches, capable of elevating your varying training routines. These leggings offer a seam and elastic-free waistband that provides unparalleled comfort around the lower half of the body, enabling you to freely move and stretch without any worries of slip-offs or tears. SQUATWOLF gets the top spot on this list solely because of this phenomenal collection. 


A brand for women, by women, SPANX gains second place on this list due to its obsession with comfort, delivering results, and ensuring that you look good as you feel, by providing you with fashionable and high-quality gym wear. Their allotment of workout leggings for women offers a great blend of exceptional fabric combinations and sleek designs, allowing you to feel confident and achieve your best not only at the gym but all day long. Women’s gym leggings of this brand are engineered to provide the utmost sustenance, whilst also flattering your curves and sculpting your lower body, so as to help you complete your leg days with maximum results. 


With a goal to inspire dream chasers by equipping them with eye-catching leggings, Pins to Kill achieves our recommendation because of its unique custom designing option. Apart from selling high-quality gym leggings for women, which are made using durable and stretchable materials, this brand also provides you with the option of customizing your designs on your choice of leggings. Furthermore, women’s workout leggings produced by Pins to Kill offer optimal comfort and high versatility, allowing them to be used in training, yoga, hiking, and even as loungewear. Their wild designs, fun colors, and amazing patterns will have you hooked and sold at first sight. 


A brand that offers highly innovative, appealing, and affordable gym wear, Lilybod is inspiring females all around the world to live healthy and fit lives. Their latest range of leggings titled ‘Sabrina’ has the potential to redefine your standards when it comes to women’s gym leggings. These leggings are full-length and high-waisted, ensuring that they will never slip off, regardless of how intense your workout is. Additionally, women’s workout leggings made by Lilybod offer careful attention to small details such as hidden pockets, elastic waistbands, and much more, which actually have a huge impact on the legging’s overall usability. 


The final brand on this list is not to be underestimated in the slightest! Gymshark has risen to fame in the activewear industry due to its products’ chic looks and high functionality, whilst also being economical in terms of prices. Their collection of gym leggings for women allows you to train your hardest, sweat your fullest, and perform your best, during all sorts of workouts. Furthermore, being an eco-conscious brand, their leggings are made using sustainable materials and optimized manufacturing techniques that decrease their overall environmental footprint. Their women’s workout leggings are engineered to support your lower body muscles and calves, whilst having a compression fitting that helps sculpt your thighs, making you feel confident throughout your time at the gym. Their leggings also come with moisture-wicking and deodorizing properties.


With this list, we hope you never have to complain about not having the proper pair of workout leggings to support you in all your activities throughout the day.

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