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Top Reasons Why you Should Never Drive With a Flat Tire

At some point in life, most people will be faced with a flat tyre. It’s usually when you’re running a little late and you need to get somewhere urgently. 

There are many reasons why you may have a flat tyre, such as a slow puncture, running over a sharp object, or it may simply be old and worn out. This is particularly common in cold weather when the tyre wall can perish and allow air to escape as the temperature drops.

This is one reason why you should check your tyre pressures regularly and visit a reputable dealer, such as this specialist in tyre installations Fairfield, to have your tyres checked and replaced as needed. It will help you to identify issues and reduce the likelihood of waking up with a flat tyre. 

It can be tempting to drive with a flat tyre if you don’t have a spare and the tyre place is just around the corner. But, you shouldn’t:

Wheel Damage

Although the tyre is still on the wheel, as soon as it goes flat nothing is supporting the wheel. The wheel is turning on the inside of the tyre. That means the metal of the rim is digging into the tyre wall and shredding it. As soon as you drive on a flat tyre there is no chance of repairing it.

More importantly, the rim of the wheel will be affected by small undulations in the road. These will damage and deform the wheel. Driving with a flat tyre, even for a short distance, ultimately means you’re likely to need to replace the wheel as well.

Suspension Issues

When you drive with a flat tyre there is uneven pressure on the car. More force will go through the wheel with the flat tyre as it will be closer to the ground. This unbalances the suspension system.

While a short trip is unlikely to cause an issue if your suspension is already worn even a short trip can increase the stress on the worn parts and cause them to fail.

Instead of just looking at a replacement tyre you could be looking at replacing several suspension components.


Alongside damage to your vehicle driving with a flat means your car will not handle in the way it should. Steering will be heavy, pulling off slower, and brakes will be less effective. In short, you will be at a higher risk of having an accident. 

Dealing With your Flat Tyre

If you have a flat tyre then you have several options, depending on where you are.

  • Take The Tyre To The Fitters

If you’re at home or somewhere where your car can be safely left you can take the wheel off with the flat tyre and take it to the tyre fitters to be replaced. They won’t be able to balance the tyre or check your alignment. 

  • Put The Spare On

If you have a spare then this is the most obvious solution. Simply take the damaged wheel off and put the spare on. This can be done at home, work, or even on the side of the road. 

  • Get A Tow

If your tyre has gone flat and you don’t have a spare or are stopped somewhere it is impossible to put a spare on, then you need to call a tow truck, there is no other option.

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