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Trebas- What is the best way of event promotion

Events are a fun experience and even serious ones have their share of excitement to offer. Though, planning an event is another story as it requires a lot of strategic planning and brainstorming. 

If you want your event to be a successful one then you have to make all the right efforts. A good way to do this is to opt for a program in publicity & promotion for events

An affordable micro-credential program can teach you all the necessary key skills in a limited time frame of a few weeks or months. In this duration, you will learn the necessary steps needed to make an event go viral, using the right approach and the correct platform. 

Meanwhile here are some interesting suggestions that will go a long way in making your event a hit. 

Start with an engaging website 

The most essential element during the beginning stages of your event is to boost online registration. You have to generate awareness about the event to increase the registration numbers. 

When people hear about an event, they start to Google it for more information. When they come across your website, they will find all the necessary information along with the means to register online. This will simplify things for audiences and help boost the registration numbers as well. 

Ensure that the website is updated and has all the details like- event name, description, date, time, location, speakers or any special appearance at the event. This way even the registered event guests can find useful information along with reminders for the upcoming event. 

A tag line that stands out 

There are numerous events that happen on a regular basis and the audience needs something exciting to pick one event over the other. So, to make them choose your event, you have to include an interesting tagline and a good summary. 

This summary should be relevant to the event and give a good description as well. The main USP of the event needs to be covered here which can be what one will gain by attending this event, anything new it has to offer or if it will have any special guest speaker. 

Anything that makes your event different from others goes here! 

Social media marketing

According to Smart Insights, around 4.62 Billion people in the world are on social media. This means half of the world’s population can be accessed simply through social media platforms. 

By promoting your event on social media platforms, you will boost its visibility, allowing more people to know about the event. This is perhaps the best medium of brand awareness that brings excellent return on investments as well. 

Paid advertising on social media can help your event get a lot of traction and the best part is that in comparison to traditional marketing, social media is way more affordable. 

Though, you have to be selective about picking the right social media platforms. If your target audience is from a younger age group then Instagram and Twitter are better options but if you are targeting a corporate audience, then LinkedIn will be more useful. 

This article is written by Nandita Kaushal. 

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