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Use of a VPN – How to Take Advantage of It | DewVPN

Virtual Private Network or VPN is one of the greatest tools or software that protect your online activity. Many people are working from home, and other business tycoons are consciously or unconsciously sharing their browsing history with the third party, and it is also a fact that when you connect to the Internet, the Internet Service Provider gets control over the activity. But the pity is that people know the benefits of VPN but are not aware of how to set up a VPN.

Read the article ahead to know the detailed stepwise procedure of connecting your device to a VPN!

How to Get a VPN?

1. Check the Compatibility 

If you want a VPN for your school or organization, then discuss it with employees or seek services from your IT department that assists you in checking the compatibility of the desired VPN software with PC and other devices in your company or institution. For setting the VPN, the IT department will allow you a default password, and then you will transfer it in a unique one but easy to remember. In case of upgrading the operating systems contact IT department!

2. Decide What to Use

If you want to get a reliable VPN that does not affect internet speed, choose a paid VPN that is not as expensive as the rumours said. If you have no issue with the limitation of data and internet speed, then a free VPN will help you a lot. 

3. Search the Independent Reviews 

Before signing up for the VPN software, search for independent reviews that give you trustworthy services. Or you can ask the people about their personal experience with a particular VPN.

4. Sign up for an Account 

After choosing the desired service, choose the VPN by making the first payment if you are using a paid VPN. 

5. Install the Software 

Install the VPN from Playstore or Appstore by following their instructions. Then launch the app from the Start menu and log in from the account. 

How to Use A VPN?

Starting a VPN is easy; you just have to follow these convenient steps to connect for unlimited browsing:

After downloading and installing the VPN, start by searching the software in your Window’s menu. Or, in the case of smart devices like mobiles or tablets, find the VPN in the app list. 

Sign up by creating a username or password. The company’s VPN is more secure in use, and to access the company’s resources; you can find a virtual desktop on your PC or by launching the web browser. Remember, activate the VPN when you need to hide your IP address. 

Read all the terms and policies carefully and make sure about all the requirements of your VPN.

Final Verdict 

VPN sends the online data through the encrypted servers and offers the users privacy during browsing and steaming. Moreover, it unblocks all the geo-restricted sites and networks to make the user accessible what he wants. If you have no VPN connection, choose the VPN from paid or free VPN collection and enjoy risk-free browsing.

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