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Using Memes to Generate Engagement – Handy Tips for Social Marketers

Customer engagement is the Holy Grail for all marketers, especially when the target audience is dealing with too much information and distractions. With the increasing clutter across all social media platforms, marketers need to post attention-grabbing content to get through to their audiences. Memes allow you to do that in a simple and effective way. They are highly visual, topical, entertain your audience, and provide an opportunity for brands to demonstrate their creativity and project how cool they are. Small wonder, most savvy marketers are using memes to engage with their target audiences on social media.


Top Reasons Why Brands are Increasingly Taking to Meme Marketing

Higher engagement:

When marketers post content on social media, it is with the hope that their followers will not only like and comment but also share it so that their brand awareness increases. Memes score very high on this count because when executed properly, they entertain in a way that they find impossible not to share with their followers. It is for this reason, memes, more than any other kind of content, have the potential of becoming viral, and generate very high engagement.


Producing content that is authoritative, informative, original, and relevant to the target audience can consume a lot of effort, time, and money. However, creating memes is far simpler and less expensive, observes a Meme Scout designer. There is no need for you to buy and master costly photo-editing software because there are many meme generating resources available online that you can use to create funny and innovative memes. Also, while it is always good to create original content, meme marketing relies a lot on your being able to put a spin on content created by others on subjects of topical interest that have already generated widespread interest.

Organic appeal:

Memes are wildly popular on social media because of the huge amount of interest taken in them by leading brands. Regardless of the platform, you are likely to find hundreds of memes, each trying to make their audiences smile. Because many memes are created by individuals as their take on what’s happening in contemporary society, the memes created and posted by brands too are perceived to be organic and received well. Of course, you need to protect your brand subtly so as not to give the impression of branded content. According to Forbes, the best memes are not overly promotional.


To craft and implement an effective meme marketing campaign, you need to research and profile your audience comprehensively so that you know the kind of content that is more likely to resonate with them. The lifecycle of memes is unpredictable and can be brief. It needs you to spot trends early so that you can ride the wave for a longer time. To be successful, you need to stay on top of what’s happening around you, so that you can put a spin on something that your audience will be familiar with. You need to make sure you understand the meme as well as your audience to ensure your meme does not provoke controversy or hurt the sentiments of people.

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