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Various Advantages of Band 5i

In this article I will apprise you about the advantages of Band 5i. You can get these all advantages in very low price rate. Band 5i sale period has started. Many people say that purchasing a watch band is wastage of money. But it’s not truth. Unfortunately those who give this above statement don’t even realize what they are talking about. This smart watch is not just fitness tracker it also interfaces with your phone. It comes with many benefits. If you are reading my article then after reading you will change your mind about the smartwatch. 


Mostly people love to wear watches. They wear watches because they will aware from time and also it looks stylish. A good looking watch on your wrist attracts people toward you. But nowadays people prefer watchbands (smartwatch) to wear instead of wearing simple just time telling watch. 

A very simple thing is who need a watch when they have phone for watching time. But watchband (smartwatch) proffers you little different features as compared to simple time telling watch. Smartwatch not only proffer you time awareness it also do those tasks that an only phone can do. 

Personal Trainer 

Band 5i can be your personal assistant. It tracks your fitness level. You can invest your wholly trust in this watchband that it will tell you accurate results. Not only it enlightens you about your health. It also gives you the health suggestion for your heart health, for blood oxygen level and also alert you for water and vary exercises. It also tells you about your workout and how much calories you burn. Get this personal assistant on sale rate from because Honor Band 5i sale is just started.  

Search your phone easily 

If you have this watchband on your wrist then you don’t have to worry about your phone. If you forgot you phone location that where you placed it then no problem the find phone feature will help you for locating your phone. You can attach your phone with this band and this feature allows you to ring anytime on your phone. 

Keeps you aware about your health 

Huawei TruSleep™ technology empowers Honor’s Band 5i to monitor your sleep accurately. It identifies your everyday sleeping habits. The key benefit of this tracker is that it provides you the best suggestions for your better sleep.

Honor Band 5i monitors your blood oxygen saturation, because low oxygen blood saturation can cause fatigue, memory loss, and brain and heart damage. So when your blood oxygen saturation level will drop from safe zone then band will vibrate so you can take time to breathe and regain your equilibrium. 

It tracks you heart rate 24/7 by using Honor’s TruSeen™ 3.0 heart rate monitor technology. It uses AI – driven algorithms for high precision readings and infrared technology, you should alert when your heart drops below or rise above safe levels. Put the health of your heart first. If your heart is healthy then you are healthy. What are you waiting for just pick your phone and get this Band 5i Sale opportunity.  

Receive messages and calls notification on Band 5i  

If you have this incredible watchband on your wrist then you can get your important messages and calls notifications despite of if your phone is not in your pocket. During exercising or working physically you can’t keep phone with you but if you attach your phone with this watchband then you will receive your important calls and messages no matter what you are doing and where is your phone. Change your lifestyle and include new technology in your life.     

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