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VGOD In Pakistan

As far as electronic liquids are concerned, you will probably have a hard time choosing the best flavor available. The same goes for any other vaping equipment as there are literally thousands of products available. Take it this way, whenever you visit a vaping website, you will find over a thousand products related to vaping so it is only natural that it will boggle your mind. Therefore, our team at Vape Cave is here to assist you with a part of this problem by recommending the best electronic liquid brand available in Pakistan, VGOD.

With that being said, let us talk about VGOD, the King of electronic liquids.


VGOD was founded on the roots of the belief that creativity and art can be found in the most inconceivable and the most usual places. For example, as the vaping trend started to rise, several artists emerged by doing different tricks with the vapors. Moreover, these tricksters are literally based on the principles of art, as it has an ability to personify itself into a way of life that can budge the culture and alter the direction of the world around us.

VGOD is an acronym for the term Vape Group Organized Distribution.

Next up, let us talk about all the hot flavors of VGOD.

  1. VGOD Iced Berry Bomb Salt.

VGOD is known for introducing an abundance of mouth-watering vape flavors to vapers throughout the globe. Among these unmatched vape flavors by VGOD, Berry Bomb has always been the one to spread its wings over others. The smell of this flavor is indubitably the same as a basket of freshly harvested strawberries. The majority of the vapers who have used this flavor in the past have claimed that the aftertaste of this flavor sticks to their mouth for a considerable amount after the vaping session has ended. As good as this seems, you also won’t have to worry about a bad breath anymore as no one hates the smell of strawberries. When this flavor is inhaled, it gives a very subtle and minty strawberry taste, and when it is exhaled, it tastes more like a rich strawberry.

This salt nicotine flavor comprises fresh strawberries with slight finishing of tangy sourness, and of course, the flabergasting hint of menthol. You can procure this flavor from Vape Cave at reasonable rates and this flavor comes in a 30 ml bottle and has a nicotine strength of 25 mg or 50 mg.

  1. VGOD Iced Apple Bomb Salt

The first sniff you would take from the bottle of this flavor will surely send you on a trip to lands of heavenly fruits. From this flavor, you will get a scent of strong and fresh apples that will surely make you impatient for trying it. Similar to Berry Bomb, this flavor also feels different when inhaling and exhaling. When inhaled, you will feel the taste of a ticklish apple while the exhale would leave you speechless. This flavor is perfect for those who want a well-balanced flavor of fresh fruit and slight hints of sour and ice. So much so, you can rest assured of having an utterly smooth vaping experience. And the same as any other flavor by VGOD, the aftertaste of this flavor will also take refuge in your mouth.

This flavor is undoubtedly the most perfect mixture of sweet sugar and sour apple belts. Nevertheless, this flavor is compromised to an excellent elixir that will surely satisfy your taste buds. This flavor is also available in a 30 ml bottle with a nicotine strength of 25 mg or 50 mg.

Conclusive Thoughts.

In addition to these two flavors, VGOD has to offer a ton more. These include:

  • VGOD Iced Mango Bomb Salt
  • VGOD Iced Purple Bomb Salt
  • VGOD Luscious Salt
  • VGOD Cubano Silver Salt
  • VGOD Lush Ice.

With that being said, you can procure all of these flavors from Vape Cave. we are the most reputable in the vaping industry so do not leave us out when making a purchase decision. You can also make purchases from our website.

If you require any further information, feel free to reach out to us.

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