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Want to Reuse Your Face Mask? Check Out This Simple Guide

Whether you’re a medical professional or a general citizen of Australia, you might be using face masks daily. But they might wear out after some time with regular use. You may want to throw away the mask in that case.

If you are concerned about the environmental effects of disposing of masks, you might wish to reuse them. For reusing the Australian made mask, you need to store it properly, so it doesn’t get damaged.

So, if you’re Googling “P2 face mask Australia reusing”, read on to know all about it.

Air Dry the Face Mask

If you want to reuse your mask, you need to ensure it lasts longer. That’s why it’s essential to keep it clean and air dry after every use. Air drying the mask under the sun will disinfect it, killing all the germs.

Drying also prevents the mask from getting wet. Also, try not to use any disinfectant, water or anything that moistens it. These might damage the mask’s surface.   

Store It Securely

Put your mask in a plastic bag, paper bag, or zip lock pouch to prevent it from wearing out. This simple step will also prevent your mask from getting wet. However, you need to keep the mask in these bags or pouches only after it’s completely dry.   

While storing the mask, make sure that they don’t crumple. It can open up gaps in the mask and reduce its functionality. So, it’s important that you don’t fold the mask too much while keeping it in a paper bag.   

Also, proper storage enhances the longevity of the mask.

What to Do If the Mask Gets Wet?

Even after taking so many steps to keep the mask dry, it might still get wet. However, if your mask is a little wet due to your breath, don’t worry. You can still use it. 

Just keep the paper bags or plastic bags near you for storing the slightly wet mask. After some time, take it out and dry it under the strong Australian sun. The step will dry the mask quickly. 

On the other hand, if you feel the mask is completely drenched and isn’t drying at all, dispose of it. 

It is best for all Australias to keep an extra set of masks to use, when you’re throwing away a wet or damaged mask.

Don’t Wear Loose Masks

You have to check that there isn’t any gap between your face and mask while wearing it. It is vital as your hair follicles and the oil on your skin might damage the mask’s inner layers. 

That’s why wearing a mask that perfectly fits your face and is vacuum tight is an excellent way to preserve it.

Additionally, every P2 face mask Australia develops has to be worn properly to avoid loosening. The NSW government’s health department states that you need to wear masks according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Other tips the department mentions include – 

  • Wear it on your nose bridge, ensuring there aren’t any gaps 
  • Remove hats, caps or glasses before wearing the mask
  • Compress it to ensure it fits properly on your cheeks and nose   

Summing Up 

You must touch the mask as little as possible to keep it clean. Moreover, wear it and take it off using the mask’s ear loops only. 

It’s always an excellent option for Australians to keep multiple masks and paper bags to store them properly. Moreover, keep the bags out of reach of children or pets to prevent damage.   

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