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What Is The Best Mockup Builder Software

In the past, people usually needed to go through multiple steps before they could realize their web designs and make them as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

From working on your ideas and sketching them to spending time making your designs, this process will take a lot of your time and hinder your performance.

Which is why many are opting to use mockup builder software, as it provides convenient design tools and smart features to help you quickly realize your mockups without taking the traditional routes. Eliminate the design middlemen and all the hassles that come with them.

Why should you use a mockup builder software?

For those of you who still wonder if they should be using Mockup Builder software, then these proven benefits will surely convince you.

Save time and improve your design experience.

First of all, by having many tools to assist you in every stage of your web design process, these apps will let you take the most efficient and convenient approaches to each project. This allows you to save your time and effort on them.

Make quick wireframing sketches with the Mockup Builder software.Or have the AI-powered features to instantly turn your sketches or images into mockups with little trouble.

Design assets and tools are available.

And, to avoid the tedious and time-consuming process of creating your own design elements for each project, a mockup builder app can provide you with a variety of templates and themes from which to choose the best for your designs.

Choose to work with many themes, each allowing you to adapt your web or app design in different styles. Use the many templates to switch between many layouts on your mockups and have interactive design interfaces to easily work on managing the different components.

Enjoy better collaboration and teamwork.

Also, to improve the quality of your mockups, it’s highly recommended that you work together as a team. A mockup builder software can also make any team project much more manageable and easier to work with by allowing for simple online team collaboration.

Here, team members can communicate and collaborate through different stages of their mockup designs. As a result, each party is able to share their best design ideas and improve their performances.

Work for both small startups and big companies.

You can use a mockup tool as an individual or as a team, since it’ll provide you with all the tools and features to improve your work in either case.

For entrepreneurs and beginners who are looking for quick and easy ways to realize their designs, the smart features and built-in presets will make great tools to improve your creative work.

And for startups and big companies, you can have the best platform to handle your many projects where all team members are connected to the intuitive and interactive online workspaces.

What are the best options?

With all those great benefits, it’s natural that you’re now looking for the right mockup builder software for your certain projects. So, the following list will provide you with the best options.


For those of you who are looking for an all-in-one tool for wireframing, mockup designs, and prototyping, then Moqups is certainly a great option. Here, you can work on both your mobile and web designs with little trouble.

Feel free to use the inbuilt design library, which consists of many icon sets, fonts, styling options, and more. All of which will let you comfortably work on your website and app designs.


To make your mockup designs a lot more intuitive and interactive, the drag and drop simplicity is a great feature that Balsamiq offers.

Here, the convenient tools let you create beautiful mockups and interactive prototypes with smart components that can be easily edited and moved using your simple gestures.

You also have access to the many built-in and community generated design components, which you can instantly feature on any of your website or app mockups. Not to mention that the simple team collaboration will make Balsamiq more suitable for large projects.


Ninjamock is one of the best mockup builder software, providing mobile users with a plethora of useful drawing tools for both quick and detailed sketches.Enjoy working with the free-hand drawing tools to realize your design ideas.

Then use the real-time team collaboration to finalize your wireframes before turning them into interactive and high-fidelity mockups with detailed graphic elements.

Also, by allowing for HTML/PDF/PNG export and other easy-sharing options, Ninjamock will offer the most accessible mockups for its users.

Fluid UI

With the built-in libraries for different web and app designs, Fluid UI allows its users to comfortably work on creating the best mockups from scratch.

Feel free to enter the intuitive canvas and make use of the different design templates, which are adaptive and adjustable to all your Android, iOS, web, and desktop interfaces. Thus, allowing you to create the most comprehensive mockups for different uses.

And to make easy prototypes from your beautiful mockup designs, you can use the quick prototype made in Fluid UI to create your high-fidelity products.

Looking for an all-in-one platform?

But what if you want an all-in-one mockup builder software with the best features and tools that’s also free to use? Then Visily is definitely going to top the list.

Visily is a fully-featured and smart mockup creator with many tools and design assets. It can help you throughout the many processes.

Enjoy the useful drag and drop simplicity that will let you create high-fidelity mockups with little trouble.

You can easily collaborate and export data to help you and your team with large projects, as well as interactions with shareholders and clients.

And like other mockup builder software, the many AI features and the rich UI library in Visily will make sure that all users can handle their creative web and app mockups with complete ease.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a free program that doesn’t come with limited features, then Visily is the one to go with.


For both experts and non-designers, you should always use mockup builders to quickly realize your website UI and work on your many ideas without having to start from scratch.

Here, the many tools and presets, together with the convenient interfaces, will make sure that you can handle your design projects in less time and with better results.

And while all the mentioned apps are great when it comes to designing your high-fidelity web and app mockups, there is one winner that we all agree on, which is Visily.
By offering all the great features from the best mockup builder software, you’ll have no trouble using the app on any of your projects.

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