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What is the Process for A Spouse to Apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence?

People who plan to migrate look for various pros offered by their preferred country. Among all the countries, Canada reserves its special place. All thanks to Canadian immigration laws that are favorable for residents and citizens settling down in the country with their families. Being with the family after a long international hustle is the urge of almost every immigrant. The government of Maple Leaf country understands this need very aptly and gives various options to its permanent residents to sponsor their spouses and parents. A spouse visa for Canada or another visa for dependent children allows the citizen of the country to sponsor their family to live with them on a permanent resident basis. The best part is there is the spouse doesn’t have to go through a point system. However, the visa can take up to a year to process but after that, there is a happy living scenario in Canada for the applicant. This must be intriguing for you. Let’s get into more detail about spouse visas for Canada

Necessary Information About Spouse Visa for Canada

The process of a spouse visa begins with the legal contract between the sponsor and IRCC. Under this contract- Spousal Sponsorship Canada, the common law partner of the Canadian citizen can live in Canada as a permanent resident. This sponsorship is valid for the spouse, conjugal partner at least 18 years old, or a dependent child. The Canadian resident doesn’t need to showcase any income proof for this sponsorship but still cannot ask anything from the government to support their spouse or children. The sense of mutual commitment is important in the spouse visa for Canada whether the couple is married or not. The spouse should be an adult, living or planning to live in Canada, and must not be involved in any violence, crime, or sexual offense. These points will decide the eligibility of the spouse to avail the sponsorship from their husband or wife from Canada. In addition, there will be background checks and medical screenings to certain whether the better half of the Canadian resident is completely fit to dwell in Canada. Once Canada immigration decides on the application for the spouse visa, the applicants should concentrate on getting all the immigration documents ready for their arrival. But they should also prepare their minds for unfavorable decisions by immigration. 

List of Documents Required for Spouse Visa for Canada

  • A valid passport copy
  • Passport-sized photographs as formatted as per Canada immigration requirements. 
  • Copy of the Birth Certificate of the applicant
  • Evidence of name changes (if applicable)
  • Financial documents 
  • Sponsorship letter
  • Police Clearance Certificate is also known as PCC
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of address

These are the common documents for a spouse visa for Canada, However, the documents can vary as per the profile and circumstances. To get a real picture of 2022, reach out to our expert counselors and they will guide you through this process. Do not wait any further as 2022 is about to end soon. 

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