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What To Know About MJ Arsenal

The legalization of cannabis in some countries and states has created a breakthrough in many sectors. With this increase in public presence and acceptability of smoking, the clunky traditional smoking tools are being replaced by more reliable and cost-effective ones.

One of the companies playing an integral part in this product revolution is MJ Arsenal. Here’s what you need to know about MJA:

What is MJ Arsenal?

MJ Arsenal is considered a top manufacturer of smoking accessories. It is based in Denver, Colorado, one of the earliest adopters of legal marijuana. The manufacturer specializes in producing water pipes, dab rigs, bundle packs, and blunt bubblers, and also manufactures tools and accessories such as bowls, buckets, vaporizers, and travel cases. If you’re looking for further information, you can learn more at Freeze Pipe.

Product Review Of The Mini Rig

The mini rig is the flagship of MJ Arsenal’s products. A mini rig, alternatively referred to as an oil rig or mini bubbler, is a device that is used to get the flavor out of your dab (concentrated flavor of cannabis).

Why MJ Arsenal’s Mini Rig?

True to its name, the MJ Arsenal dab rig is hand-size small, making it easier to carry around. Moreover, its relatively small size makes it efficient. Due to its small surface area, it can minimize the air concentration in the tool, which in turn retains the strong flavor of the dab flavor. Also, due to its short length, the cannabis concentrate travels faster and maintains its potency levels.

Packaging Of The Dab Rig

MJ Arsenal paid attention to detail when designing the mini rig. There are 12 different designs, with prices ranging from a modest $58 to a Collector’s Pack that sells 10 dab rigs for $464.

 Upon purchase, the clear plastic casing of the accessory is enclosed in a rectangular foam that is sealed in a black box. On the cover of the box, there is a detailed level of the ideal water level to use on the dapper rig. Failure to adhere to this will lead to the consumption of a less concentrated dap. Also, the box is made of strong and durable material that protects its contents.

When purchasing an MJ Arsenal dab rig, you get to access more add-on items such as:

  • A padded zipper pouch for $6.99
  • A pack of five metal rods is drawn to form the cannabis shape. They add to the aesthetic value of the accessory

How It Works

A torch is used to hit the nail or the banger.  The dab concentrate is then placed on the surface of the nail. Convective heating is experienced when the dab is transformed into vapor and passed through water using a swiss-style percolator. The vapor is then passed through a double uptake recycler that filters it. Finally, it is inhaled through the cap fit. Notably, convective heating is preferred over conductive heating since it does not evaporate the concentrate.

A hit from the mini rig and its state-of-the-art controlled temperature will make you have an incomparable smoke.

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