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Why a Career in Education Is One of the Most Sustainable and Versatile That There Is

For some people, the idea of working in education may bring to mind images of teaching in a classroom full of unruly children or trying to explain a complex idea to know-it-all college students. This is definitely not the only aspect of a career in education that presents and will present as a long-term opportunity for meaningful and enjoyable employment. 

No matter what the sector or the level of your expertise, there is always a learning aspect, and as such, the ability to trainothers and be able to share and transfer knowledge is key in the information age. So, regardless of the field, if you have the ambition and passion for it, then you can create a career in education.

What Is a Sustainable career?

A sustainable career is one that you can expect to do for the duration, or at least most of your working life. Moden career writers and researchers also now acknowledge that for such a career to be long-lasting and meaningful, you need it to align with your interests, strengths, and values. It should also offer ongoing opportunities for growth and renewal to allow you to move within the sector and progress in the job. Being able to do what you find meaningful, making full use of your skills,and being challenged to learn new skills year after year for as long as possible, should be the key and is the ultimate sustainable career. It is somewhat different from the green jobs sector and can be crafted in any sector.

Why education is a sustainable career

Yes, education is essential for a green future, but in itself, it is a sustainable option based on the fact that it is a basic humanneed in the age that we are in. Knowledge and information have become one of the main assets of our time, making education something that is in widespread demand. Every human being has the right to primary education, and it is theresponsibility of governments around the world to provide for such widespread education on an ongoing basis. It is thus guaranteed that there will be schools and colleges for as long as the current system of education persists, and as such, there will be jobs in this sector.

Furthermore, in-service training, short ‘how to’ clips, and an entire industry have also arisen online around education and personal development, which require professional trainers, teachers, and more. Education is thus a growing sector and one in which there will be work and opportunity for growth for the near future and beyond.

The versatility of a career in education

Having a versatile degree or educational background is all about the ability to then use it to do as many professional things as possible. Education does just this, as the foundationsfor all levels of education from nursery to the online masters degree in education are about imparting and sharing knowledge, and once on this career path, you will be able to adapt and change your career or job role dependent on your lifestyle needs and current level of education. Not only are there different subjects to teach or be involved in, but there are diverse levels as well as a host of ancillary jobs that a basic qualification in education will allow you to embark on.


Teaching is the mainstay of a career in education, whether teaching kids how to read their first sentences or lecturing the next great investment bankers on cryptocurrency trading. The process of impairing and sharing knowledge is a mainstay of the education field. If you have a passion for people and a way with words, don’t mind the marking, and are creative enough to change your style from year to year, then this is always a suitable place to start, and for many, teaching will present a sustainable, long-lasting career in education.


Be it admissions, recording, or data management; there is a host of associated administration required for institutions of learning and education. Having a basic knowledge of the education process will stand you in good stead here, but it will be the management, administration, and information technology skills that will be in demand here.


The pinnacle of a career in education is being able to be part of the research process to improve and perfect a specific aspect of teaching or education. Research is the only way to inform action and develop knowledge in a specific field of study. Research in any field is considered part of the education sector, while research in education itself is also a possibility for those who have the skills and qualifications to be able to do this.


Whether private, freelance tutoring and training online or through an institution of learning, the one-to-one teaching and tutoring of students offers a great side hustle or will provide the means to get into the profession.

Technology in education

Being able to set up remote learning classrooms, virtual reality labs, latest technology news webinars is now an essential part of the educational landscape, and these are generally not skills that all academics have. As such, it is a sector within education that presents as a terrific career option. The use of big data to inform teaching methods or guide the type of statistics and analytics that is taught, or artificial intelligence and its uses in designing bespoke and personalized online courses, are but two of the many examples of how technology and its associated changes are beginning to affect education.

Final comments

Furthermore, not only is teaching sustainable and versatile, but it is also one of the remaining feel-good careers. You will be able to inspire and change the predominant way of thought of those that you teach. A career in education will need you to be flexible and adaptable to realize its full potential. This article provided some insights as to why education as a career is sustainable and versatile and hence a top choice for the future.

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