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Zadinga | An Inventory Management Software that also helps in your delivery operations

Running a business involves huge responsibilities, and a clear focus on each work is essential for a successful business person. A manual system for inventory management has various drawbacks, and it won’t be effective for the modern business world. A powerful inventory management system is necessary to survive in the competitive business world because it has various importances. Through this post, you will see the features of Zadinga, the best inventory software.

Why is inventory management important for business? 

  1. Repeat customers 

If you want loyal customers who will come back to your online store each, you must require a good inventory management system. The reason is your customers will visit again only when they trust that they can obtain any products at any time from your store. Make sure what you have and what you need by using inventory management and keeping repeat customers for your store.

  1. Decrease wastages 

If you are selling more products in your online store, you must have a huge inventory. To maintain all those inventories with full security, you need to employ various workers and pay money for them. But single inventory management software will eliminate the entire employee’s work and avoid the wastage of money, stock and time everything. You can concentrate on high return and fast-moving products.

  1. Inventory Turnover 

 Generally, the inventory of a business is said to be the capital or asset of the business, and you can improve the inventory turnover ratio by using inventory management techniques. If you have more branches and are confused with stock availability in each location, then use software for better inventory management.

Features of Zadinga 

  • The amazing initial feature of Zadinga is the readymade catalogue, and you can have effective inventory management by adding your products by choosing them in the default list. There will be a list of nearly 10000 products in their readymade catalogue.
  • When you fill in your product details as soon as possible, the software will use the details for auto-suggestion to speed up stock onboarding.
  • It has an inbuilt scanner and uses the barcode scanner for efficient inventory management.
  • Adding the additional product information through the manual system will take more time, and in this software, you can easily add new products to the list. This feature is named as simple products form.
  • Your data will remain safe and secure even if it is necessary to switch to another device. Zadinga has an online stock backup so that your product details, customer data and bills will be retained in your new device also.
  • One of the essential features of this inventory management software is the stock alert system. When there is any low and out-of-stock stock, you will receive an alert notification on the screen. So that you can reorder whatever you want.
  • By using a barcode, you can add the products for billing, and you can also apply discounts if it is needed. The refund will also be issued directly from the app.
  • The payment method in this software is simple and easy, and it also has an online store with checkout.

Bottom line: 

The amazing features of Zadinga pointed above will help the business people for better business operations. Check out the features and use this software for your business benefit.

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