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10 QuickBooks App Integrations That Will Make Your Accounting Process Seamless

QuickBooks is not just one of the most popular accounting platforms out there, and it is also a powerhouse in terms of the number of apps that can be integrated with its system. There are over 650 apps that can be integrated into your QuickBooks accounting software. These apps can manage your inventory, payroll, sales, or marketing processes and responsibilities on top of the accounting process. Your QuickBooks accounting software can become a CRM tool with the right integrations. Using QuickBooks with your other work apps is the best way to be more productive. You can set up automated workflows or hire proficient bookkeeping services so that all of your company’s accounts are always in perfect order, within both software platforms, with minimum manual help.

Let us talk about ten great app integrations that will make your QuickBooks accounting experience even better.



Founded in 2013, Hubdoc automatically converts receipts, bills and statements to data you can use. Like a diligent personal assistant, our software does it for you. Hubdoc enables you to integrate your essential paperwork in QuickBooks. With the Hubdoc platform, you never have to worry about entering data or filing. Hubdoc pulls your online bills and statements into one secure hub to make reconciliation easier. No more frustrating missing bills and statements.

Built on groundbreaking AI and machine learning, can streamline your busy life by automatically running your payments process and tracking all of your bills for you wherever you go. simplifies the complicated billing process with a variety of helpful features. Get more financial control through workflows rules for faster approval, payment, and delivery details to streamline business processes.


Expensify automates receipt tracking so you can focus your attention on what matters. If you find yourself waiting on stacks of receipts and cancelled checks, Expensify will make your life easier. Combining this with QuickBooks to complete bookkeeping and accounting tasks on demand is headache-free. Expensify has a 24 hour turnaround time and a QuickBooks-compatible app. After you snap photos of your receipts, the system processes reimbursements and generates approvals in a day. If you have credit card receipts to reconcile, the app accesses your credit card feed and concludes each transaction automatically.


Connecting Quick Books and PayPal will simplify and organize all your transactions and purchases. You’ll be able to review and enter PayPal transactions into your books, so you never have to enter them manually. When creating reports, you’ll have better insights into how your business is doing. This seamless way to bring your PayPal transactions into QuickBooks will retrieve any balance transactions in PayPal and display them in your banking tab.


QuickBooks integration with Insightly is critical in understanding financial data in your CRM. Insightly offers an uncommon utility that combats declining customer retention levels, boosts sales, and improves work efficiency through a robust software suite. Insightly offers a single software for both CRM and Project Management so that you never have to switch tools to manage your customers, sales pipelines, or each project.


Futrli is a forecasting company that gives small businesses the acumen of a handful of finance professionals. It analyse performance data to make strategic decisions about the direction of your company. Supported via software on desktops, mobiles, and their cloud service, Futrli offers services from data analytics to ROI forecasting and valuation of new business opportunities. This quick and easy mobile app interfaces with your QuickBooks account and allows for in-depth data analysis with real-time, predictive analytics.

Method: CRM

QuickBooks creates amazing software that offers simplified bookkeeping and inventory tracking. However, it can be difficult to know who you are selling to and what they want without integration with a CRM. A program like Method: CRM solves this problem by completely integrating your company’s software needs, removing any time lost in switching between programs.

You can streamline your sales process and customize quotes, order invites, and invoices with the new Method: CRM App for QuickBooks. The app allows you to manage your customer interactions- a must-have for a successful small business. Instead of a mish-mash of disparate databases, everything is in one cohesive account. That means customer contact and transaction history can be shared seamlessly on the team, meaning your team is always up-to-date with customer data.


To increase efficiency and maximize results, the integration of HubSpot and QuickBooks is a must. Combining HubSpot and QuickBooks means that you can see everything about all aspects of your business, from hiring to contact maintenance. HubSpot and QuickBooks have a positive customer relationship that allows for a one-stop-shop for business owners. The integration of HubSpot into QuickBooks offers a single screen displaying everything from your customers to your finances. Get the perfect snapshot of your leads and customers with that HubSpot & QuickBooks combo. With HubSpot, you can store all interactions, from lead marketing campaigns to satisfied customer feedback, in an automated timeline.


If you want an efficient way to manage inventory, Magento is the way to go. Close the gap with smooth inventory management when using QuickBooks Online and leveraging Magento. Data input into Magento will flow seamlessly into QuickBooks, preventing redundant work ensuring complete and accurate accounting for your accounting department. Magento provides a way to sync your sales and inventory with QuickBooks in a matter of minutes, saving hours of tedious manual data entry. With its numerous useful functions, you can use Magento to create invoices, track new customer orders, or create items for new customers in QuickBooks Online. In addition, products from different locations can be easily matched on the Magento platform.

Microsoft Teams

Small businesses looking for a quick and easy way to manage their finances should integrate QuickBooks Online and Microsoft Teams. This new integration syncs business systems together and helps streamline day-to-day operations for builders of small businesses. 
Today, there are various ways for QuickBooks to integrate with other apps that will make your bookkeeping and accounting process much more streamlined. By integrating QuickBooks with the right apps, you can save time and money. To integrate with the above apps, you can visit here to understand the process. You can take assistance from your bookkeeping service providers who can help your set up QuickBooks and integrate the suitable apps which will streamline your business process. Your QuickBooks can be your one stop solution for all your business needs with the right integration.

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