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Parts of the Motherboard and Its Function

The primary printed circuit board (PCB) of typical computers and other extensible systems is called a motherboard. A mainboard, planar board, mobo, baseboard, system board or a main circuit board is another name for it. A motherboard has a large number of components. Not only you can purchase these motherboard components from various websites but you can also get i7 10700k motherboards from said websites including but not limited to final desktop. Some are important motherboard components, while others are not. The components of a motherboard are listed below.


Generator of time

A clock generator is an electrical oscillator (circuit) that generates a clock signal to synchronise the operation of a circuit. The clock signal oscillates between high as well as low frequencies, resulting in a metronome for action coordination. Also, you can prefer Clock Oscillators that is the best conductor for the motherboard.

system of cooling

A heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that transfers heat generated by motherboard components to a liquid or air-filled medium. The fluid medium will evaporate as it moves away from the gadget. As a result, the device’s temperature is controlled within a safe range. The heatsink is used to keep the CPU, GPU, chipsets, and RAM modules cool on the motherboard.

DIP (digital input/output) switch

A DIP switch is a manual electric switch that comes in a conventional dual in-line box with other switches. The word might apply to a single switch or the entire device. The DIP switch is intended for use with other electrical motherboard components on a printed circuit board (motherboard). It is frequently used to tailor an electrical device’s behaviour to a certain environment.

Ports for a mouse and keyboard

A keyboard port is built into every computer and is connected directly to the motherboard. Connectors are divided into two categories. A particular DIN connection is the oldest, while a tiny DIN PS/2-style connector is the newest. PS/2-style connections are used on many PCs for both keyboard and mouse, and the connectors are clearly labelled for separate purposes.

a port that may be used in parallel

A parallel port is a type of interface used to connect peripherals to computers. The name of this type of port comes from the manner data is sent. In other words, parallel ports convey many bits of data at once. Serial interfaces, on the other hand, deliver data bits one by one. The parallel port cables include numerous data lines to achieve parallel data transmission. A parallel port cable is longer than a modern serial port cable, which has only one data line.


They are the two chips of the motherboard’s main logic chipset. In a northbridge/southbridge chipset computer system, the southbridge typically implements the slower capabilities of the motherboard. The front-side bus connects the northbridge, also known as the host bridge or Memory Controller Hub, to the CPU (FSB). It is in charge of duties that require the greatest level of competence. They manage communications between the CPU as well as other motherboard components, together with the southbridge.

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