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How is Accuhealth Remote Patient Monitoring Beneficial?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is an advanced health-based technology, but it is not a new invention. It has been used since 1967 when the physicians used to monitor patients by transmitting Electrocardiogram (EKG) through telephone wires, but recently covid19 made people appreciate it more as everyone was quarantined. Unable to get themselves checked, people started to rely on healthcare devices to check their vitals and realized their importance.

Accuhealth is a healthcare-based technology company founded in 2018. It provides the patients with an Electronic Health Record (EHR) connected monitoring device that measures their pulse, blood pressure, weight, etc., and sends the details to the provider. It provides clinics and enterprises with remote patient monitoring-related equipment to improve the treatment experience for both the patient and provider and increase customer satisfaction. Accuhealth received New Partner Growth Award in 2020 for its immense growth in the first year. It had the most customers boarding with them, making them a candidate for delivering world-class service in remote patient monitoring. It is also named Top 50 Companies in Remote Patient Monitoring in 2022.

Accuhealth remote patient monitoring offers a lot of benefits to its customers, including:

Makes Treatment Easier

Remote patient monitoring with Accuhealth has made getting treated very convenient for everyone. It allows the provider to check the patients’ vitals anywhere. The EHR saves the patient’s medical history and loads it instantly, saves a lot of time, and sends the results to the provider if any changes in the treatment are required. Fast access to the patient’s data is needed in today’s fast world. People don’t usually have a lot of time on their hands to pay visits to the doctors for minor issues, but RPM makes treatment more manageable and more accessible for them.

Minimizes Hospitalization

Hospitalization is needed when a patient requires constant care under the supervision of healthcare professionals, but RPM solves that problem as well. It provides healthcare devices to the patients that monitor them every second. It notifies the providers right away if there is any abnormality detected in the vitals so it can be taken care of immediately. Patients don’t need to be hospitalized to be under observation now, and they can stay in their homes and still be observed by the healthcare providers. It is like having the professionals look after you at all times without giving up the comfort of your home.

Improved Outcomes

The outcomes of remote patient monitoring are better than the in-person visits and hospitalizations. It benefits not only patients but providers as well, patients become more aware of their condition by checking their vitals themselves, and the providers don’t have to guide them for every little thing while sitting at home. They can identify minor symptoms on their own. This way, the providers also stay at peace.

Staying at home helps people feel more relaxed as they are where they’re the most comfortable, and the unnecessary nuisance of hospitals doesn’t get in their way. It has also reduced the chances of people catching different diseases as they don’t have to go to hospitals often for checkups. They stay at home and are safe from other viruses that can affect their health and make things worse for them and their provider.

Saves Money

Visiting hospitals can be very costly for patients with chronic diseases because they might need to go for checkups more often than ordinary people. RPM also solves this problem for them, as they get monitored at their homes. They don’t need to visit hospitals for regular checkups or get hospitalized. The healthcare devices check their vitals, allowing them to take instant actions and save the money they would be spending on hospital bills otherwise. Accuhealth also pays for the first device of each patient, so they don’t need to spend any extra money on their treatment.

Accuhealth remote patient monitoring has many other benefits as well. They don’t take any upfront payment, and there’s no commitment. You can stop anytime you want. They are making treatment more accessible for everyone, and CCM Health supports them in this cause.

The CCM Health offers a cutting-edge telemedicine platform that helps you improve patient compliance and retention, expand your practice, and generate more revenue. You can create your own virtual care program through RPM in just a few simple steps by joining The CCM Health family! For additional information, visit The CCM Health.

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