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A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Modern Custom Dog Crate for Home Pets

Modern dog crates are becoming increasingly popular as more people tend to be busy with work schedules. They’re more than just a place for pets to sleep. Just the way your bedroom is to you, crates can be a safe, peaceful haven for your dog to relax or get some time alone.

That’s why choosing the right crate for your dog is crucial; it can be the difference between a haven for your dog and a cage they won’t enter. A good dog crate can serve as a training tool as well as a convenient place to keep your dog when you need them out of the way for whatever reason.

You don’t have to settle for the cumbersome models of the past if you want the best dog crate for your pet. Fortunately, you can now choose from a wide range of modern, comfy, and elegant crates. 

We’ve put up this comprehensive guide to help you find the best modern custom dog crate for home pets. In this guide, you’ll learn how dog crates have evolved and factors to consider when shopping for the best crate. 

How Modern Crates Have Evolved

When it comes to how dog crates have been designed over the years, you’ll see that they have come a long way. There are several options available now that cater to both your dog’s demands and your preferences. Typical ones available in the market today include acrylic dog crates, wooden dog crates, metallic crates, and many others.

Modern dog crates are often made of ultra-lightweight and durable materials that are collapsible and easy to clean and move. These crates are often made of high-quality materials that will provide comfort to your pet. They’re also designed to be both stylish and minimalistic.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Modern Dog Crate

Choosing the best dog crate for your pet is a tricky task, especially if you want the one that will complement your decor while still meeting your dog’s comfort and safety requirements. However, the decision is usually based on a few underlying factors. Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Consider the Size

When it comes to choosing a modern custom dog crate for home pets, size matters a lot. If the size is neglected, the dog will end up feeling uncomfortable. For instance, if you intend on buying the crate for potty training sake, it should be just big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around. 

Look for a more flexible modern crate, as some are built to fit different stages of a dog’s life. Some crate designs will include a divider and you can adjust them to accommodate your dog. This type of crate will be ideal if you intend to use it for potty training and your dog grows to a larger size.

2. Make Sure the Crate Is Portable

Portable crates with wheels aren’t only helpful in traveling with your dog, but they can also be moved from one room to another so that your dog isn’t far away from you. If you’re always traveling and want a crate that you can carry with you, getting the one with clear acrylic pet crates that are collapsible is a good option.

However, always test collapsible crates to ensure that they’re sturdy enough to keep your dog safe and secure. While most collapsible crates are suitable for small breed dogs, larger or stronger dogs require sturdy, well-made crates that can’t be damaged easily.

3. Choose One That Offers Good Protection

If you intend to carry the crate along in your car or van, choose one that will provide adequate protection in the event of a collision. Some dog crates have been evaluated for safety, and you can find such cages listed on reputable online sites. However, it’s always a good idea to check the brand to see how precise the crash tests were.

Consider going through this site, to view some of the best dog crates available in the market. Here, you’ll find different modern dog crates available and choose the one that matches your preference. 

4. Look for the One With Good Windows 

Avoid dog crates that prevent your dog from seeing clearly out of them. Keep in mind that, in addition to your dog’s desire to know what’s going on around them, you need to keep an eye on them to ensure they’re safe. 

When it comes to shy dogs, crates that allow for partial visibility with certain areas closed off work well for them. That gives them a sense of safety as if they aren’t being observed.

5. Look for Crates That Have Multiple Doors

Choosing a crate with multiple entrances is highly recommendable. The multi-door option allows you to place it in the perfect corner of your living space. Multiple doors also enable your dog to have constant access to the crate, specifically beneficial for old dogs with mobility concerns.

6. Consider Getting a Crate That’s Easy to Clean

Since crates get messy quickly, especially during potty training when accidents are more common, you’ll most likely want to make cleaning as easy as possible. We recommend choosing clear lucite pet crates because they’re the easiest to clean. That will help you and your pet in the long run.


Finding a suitable modern custom dog crate for home pets is essential in keeping them at bay. When choosing a dog crate for your pet, you need to know some of the notable features a good modern crate possesses. We believe this guide has done justice to that. Consider the factors above while buying the ideal modern dog crate for your pet. 

You can always do your research before proceeding to buy a dog crate from any brand. That way, you’re sure of getting the best crate that offers good protection and is sturdy enough for your favorite pet. Your dog is a vital part of your life, so ensure you give them the best treatment.

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