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3 Things About Living a Millennial Life in Bangalore

There’s something special about this ooru, Namma Ooru Idu Bengaluru! Yes, this city’s special quality keeps us connected to its history and allure. Formerly known as Pensioner’s Paradise, Ooru is now recognized as India’s most millennial-friendly city. Hot Sakkath Maga!

Millennial Friendly City

The study’s main deciding variables included career prospects and ease of connectivity. The best colleges in India are located in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, along with the principal offices of important corporations, making it simple for those seeking to emigrate. On the other hand, because they provide shelter to individuals who have migrated from other locations, these three Indian cities offer diverse cultures.

Additional Considerations:

  • Prospects for employment
  • Life Quality
  • Living expenses

The employment outlook considers the overall unemployment rates, GDP per capita, GDP growth, and gender differences in wage quality. While the quality of life considers factors like safety, health, and child mortality, amongst many others, the cost of living also includes the price of housing and entertainment.

City That Welcomes Millennials

By dividing the average monthly rent within every city by the GDP per capita of that nation, you will get the cost of housing. Interestingly, the entertainment price is determined by substituting the average price of a pint of beer for each city.

Among these are:

1. Shopping

Shopping used to be time-consuming and involved visiting many stores to compare pricing. But for millennials, going shopping has changed from going to the mall or shopping center to staying home and using various programs and websites. Due to its attractive discounts, brands, and special offers, e-commerce has evolved into a practical and straightforward method of purchasing. You can also Rent Macbook Pro or Microwave on rent in Bangalore or other things.

2. Purchasing a Home

Most folks have prioritized buying a home, but the millennial generation is challenging this antiquated belief. Since most millennials do not intend to own a tiny house, they have come under fire for this move. They favor renting homes that are nearer to their places of employment. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why millennials delaying home purchases makes more sense.

3. Traveling

The travel pattern has altered significantly over the past few years for everyday commuting or long-distance travel. Previously considered a luxury, flying has become more affordable and emphasized for comfort in recent years. In addition, millennials have increased their preference for private vehicles and taxis over public transportation. These two developments’ primary drivers are the preference for comfort and luxury over financial gain. To reduce conflict, millennials invest more money in these services.

4. Banking

Online banking has become a breakthrough way to do quick and straightforward transactions while eliminating lines and paperwork for the most part. Millennials are acclimated to the fast-paced, technologically advanced world of digital transactions, making banking more accessible and convenient. Digital banking, as well as commerce, bring additional benefits, such as cashback, decreased transaction fees, etc., in addition to time savings.


In terms of the Indian scene, three cities are the top picks for those between the ages of 18 and 24. Bengaluru is ranked 18th in this regard, whereas New Delhi and Mumbai are ranked 19th. While New Delhi and Mumbai rank 19th, Bengaluru is ranked 18th.

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