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3 Ways to Clean your Crystal

Today we want to talk about cleaning crystals and show you how I clean my

Crystals,this is important for people that are like beginners and are looking to start their

own crystal collection,I am a big fan of crystal and also other energy stone,you can check my collection at my shop umisoul.

cleaning crystals is very important and I was pretty bad about doing that for a While until I really like realized the importance of it and really felt the difference with cleaning my crystals even if you have certain crystals that you don’t actually like use and meditate with and you just use them as decoration around your room and house they still absorb the energy of that room and the energy of like whatever goes on so it is very important to clean them up and kind of return them to their natural state because crystals are very high energy stones they carry a lot of energy so if you meditate with a crystal.

You are having a lot of anxiety you pick up a crystal that is supposed to help with that and you sit there you meditate with it you kind of just like let all those negative feelings pour out into that crystal it’s gonna absorb all of that and then it’s just gonna kind of sit there so it is very important to clean it out you can return that crystal to its like high vibrational state and that way it can be used again and actually work a lot more efficiently than if it just like has all this like old energy stores also very important to clean your crystals when bringing them from like a store or if you got them as a gift or anything like that just because then that crystal will have all the energy that it absorbed last so yeah that is why it is very important to clean them just so you can have like fresh cleansed out crystals with their original high energy and that way they can actually bring good energy to like the room that you put them in so yeah

There’s a lot of different ways that you can clean your crystals personally i only use

these three specific ways that i find the easiest for me and i wanted to share them with you.

The first way that i use to clean my crystals and this is my favorite way because i

just think it’s the easiest but you can clean your crystals by setting them out in the sun and just letting them charge and clean and get rid of all those negative energies that may be stuck to your crystal.

The same thing also goes for moonlight so you can leave your crystals out in direct moonlight and sunlight for 24 hours and that is very helpful for cleaning out all those negative energies also obviously like doing this on a full moon would also emphasize like all of the benefits and stuff because a full moon has very very high energy so that is also a very good time to clean your crystals it is said that just a good rule to go by is just to clean

all of your crystals at least once a month but obviously if you have like a specific crystal that you use very often and use a lot personally for me, I don’t i always just pick it up ony

whenever anything is like bothering me whenever I’m in a bad mood or when i just want to meditate i always use this crystal and i love to use this crystal it’s like a heart shaped rose quartz and it’s just so beautiful selenites are said to be able to clean themselves so

this one is actually peach sunlight and they’re able to like charge themselves I still put this one out in the sun though just because i keep it right next to my bed and this is the crystal i always reach for so whenever I’m cleaning my crystals i like to put this out in the sun

anyways however a little disclaimer about cleaning and charging your crystals out in the sunlight is that sunlight can cause some crystals to fade when it’s exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

The second way to clean your crystals is actually to use other like big crystals that are specifically made and have properties to be able to cleanse other crystals so selenite wands are very popular for that but i personally use like my larger clear quartz usually wands like the crystal wands are usually used for that or like large chunks but basically all you have to do is just kind of wave it around other crystals and that just kind of absorbs and cleans out all of that energy from all of the crystals that you’re like waving it over and that’s a very good way to just clean your crystals and absorb all of that negative energy from them so that’s also another way that i like to use to clean my Crystal because it’s just very easy and i definitely think that like a clear selenite wand or like a large clear quartz is a must-have in everybody’s crystal collection.

The last way that i used to clean my crystals is to clean them with salt and this can be like any regular table salt you have to use sea salt or pink himalayan salt for it and what

you do is you can fill up like a bowl with salt and then you just put your crystals in there you just kind of like submerge them in salt and let them just sit there and you can leave them in there for however long you want like 30 minutes to like a day but the salt will absorb all of that negative energy and clear it out because sea salt and pink himalayan salt has very high cleansing energy properties that’s why it’s also said to be good to put it in your bath and take baths with that and that’s also said to like clean out any negative energy or if like someone’s giving you the evil eye or any kind of things like that so it’s also very good to clean your crystals.

these are the ways that I clean my crystals i hope this video was helpful for you guys especially if you’re just like starting out and just getting into crystals and collecting them feel free to comment down in the comments below sharing the ways that you clean your crystals and like what you do I hope this video helped you guys out.

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