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4 Tips To Choose Luxury Bar Stools In Australia

Although the barstool might have been the appealing feature of bars and pubs initially, today, they are a standard and desirable option for seating in the kitchen, whether in your home or the breakfast bar. The luxury bar stools in Australia are in style.

Even if you mention the term “bar stool,” it covers a wide range of designer bar stools such as breakfast bar stools, shaker-style bar stools, and many more. However, choosing the ideal type of bar stool needs the consideration of specific pointers. Here are four tips to help you select the perfect luxury bar stools in Australia.

Measure Your Counter Height

Although there is the option of adjustable bar stools, it is not always ideal considering the location and purpose. So, in such a case, you need to match the counter height with the bar stools to reach their drinks comfortably. At the same time, they can rest their arms on the counter.

Suppose you are searching for a standard bar, then bar height stools would be appropriate. However, if the height of the bar counters is of the size of kitchen counters, bar height stools would be taller. Instead, aim for counter stools for such seating.

Home bars are not so well-set up with shorter stools. Therefore, measuring the distance from the floor to the countertop would be essential.

Colour Palette

The market bar stools come in solid colours to suit the various room styles and blend perfectly with the rest of the accessories. Before making a choice, it would be best to go through the wide range of colour palettes out there to help enhance the vibe of a bar or kitchen.

While choosing the ideal colour, ensure to blend with the colour of the kitchen cabinets so that the bar stools complement their shades. Alternatively, if you are setting up the bar’s ambience, check the colour of the bar shelves to complement the bar stools.

It is essential to check all the colours of the kitchen or bar, including the kitchen island or bar counter, so that the bar stool colour complements them.

Look for Convenient Features

Often, the simple features help achieve a unique appeal to suit your guests. Adjustable height seats of the bar stools are available that enable bar guests of any height to seat themselves comfortably without a fuss. Additionally, a footrest adds to the overall comfort that the guests would appreciate. There are also the options of swivel bar stools that are pretty common in bars. This allows different guests to chat among themselves while sipping their drinks at the counter or bar side.


Choosing bar stools that help withstand daily purposes makes it very convenient. This is a primary factor you should not forget. This reduces the costs of replacing your furniture as they remain for long periods. Wood is the most common bar stool material as they are the most durable and traditional. Whether it is Oak or beech wood, a colour variation would add to the unique appearance of the whole setup. Alternatively, you can choose leather bar stools if you’re trying to achieve the luxurious appearance of the countertop.

Bar stools are not limited to bars and restaurants anymore but are the highlight of kitchen islands. The luxurious bar stools in Australia offer a wide range of options to suit the style and requirements of your bar, home bar, or kitchen. Ensure to consider all the significant factors, such as counter height, colour palette, etc., before you make a choice.

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