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5 Reasons Why You Should Study Big Data

Big Data is among the most in-demand technologies among businesses all around the world. Big data experts are in a growing market in a variety of IT sectors. In case you do have big data expertise, there are a plethora of opportunities waiting for you. In this article, we’ll go through five aspects of why you need to master Big data.  

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Table of Contents

  1. Highly Popular
  2. Interesting Profession
  3. Valuable Skills
  4. Plenty of Job Offers
  5. Decent Wage
  1. Highly Popular

There Is no denying that there is no future without data. Every single second, somewhere some company’s data is growing. We cannot even estimate the approximate quantity of data that has been produced each day by the companies. So to analyze and understand that huge data, companies definitely need Big Data.  According to the researcher, in the next several years, the analysis industry will grow to a maximum worldwide IT market.  

As a result, individuals with knowledge in the domain of Big Data are in high demand as businesses seek to capitalize on the potential of Big Data. Any job searching portal predicts that the demand for experts in Big Data Management and Analytics is continuing to grow. Hence, to enter this IT field, you need to have expertise in the area which is highly popular and Big Data is the right technology to improve your skills and pursue a sought-after career. 

  1. Interesting Profession

Big Data is an interesting profession to work in. Big data analytics assists businesses in harnessing existing insights and identifying new possibilities. As a result, wiser company decisions, more productive procedures, more profitability, and high customer satisfaction follow. So you will be in charge to derive the best insights that will help the business to decide the best choices. You will get to interact with higher authorities, stakeholders, and other team members. 

Basically, you will be responsible for finding the best path for the company’s development. So, you will be the key to all the company’s success which will give you confidence and job satisfaction. You will also get a chance to work with the latest technologies. So the exposure is great with this job. Moreover, This job is also challenging because one mistake can lead to a huge loss. So if you want a challenging and satisfying career, I guess Big Data is just the right fit for you. 

  1. Valuable Skills

If you want to start a career in Big Data, then there is a set of skills that you definitely need. You must have skills like SQL, Microsoft Excel, R or Python Programming, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning. The best part is these skills are never useless. With these skills, you can not only enter into the Big Data field, but you will also get knowledge to work in various fields such as if you have SQL, you can easily work with Databases. Microsoft Excel is the key tool used for any data-related job so that will be very helpful. Additionally, there are plenty of jobs that are just based on R and Python Programming. Machine Learning knowledge will improve your technical IT skills. And Data Visualization is also a very useful skill that will boost your resume. So, Learning Big Data is very important and helpful one way or another. Check out this Hadoop Tutorial to get a quick overview of Hadoop technology. 

  1. Plenty of Job Offers

From the perspective of a profession, there are a plethora of options accessible, both in aspects of area and work type. Because Big Data analytics is used in so many different sectors, there are many different job designations. 

The top job titles in the Big Data domain are Big Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Big Data Solutions Architect, Business Intelligence Analyst, Database Manager, Data Scientist, Database Developer, Database Administrator, Data Warehouse Manager, and Technical Recruiter. Mostly these jobs require just the skills you learned for Big Data. But for a few roles, you have to concentrate on extra skills as well. However, Big Data is an important skill to enter any of the roles mentioned above. Hence, One skill will grab many career opportunities at your feet. 

  1. Decent Wage

One more advantage of learning Big Data is that you will have a high chance to get a decent wage. The importance of Data Analytics expertise is driving up wages for skilled experts. Companies are willing to pay top dollar for the required Big Data expertise. According to Payscale, the average salary of a professional with Big Data skills earns approximately $113k per year. This obviously demonstrates that the pay features of this area are considerable. Also, the way Big Data is expanding its demand, wages are expected to increase more in coming years.

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