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5 Things to Do on An E-Bike in The City

So you’ve been considering getting an e-bike, but you’re not sure what you would use it for since you live in the city, right? Or maybe you’ve been hearing about them but don’t think they could be very useful. Whatever might be your reason for checking them out, your curiosity has brought you to the right place!

As an effective mode of transportation, there are many things you can do with an e-bike in the city. Below are the top five things you can definitely use e-bikes for, some of which may surprise you. 

Have an Easier Commute to Work

This might be the number one reason anyone and everyone wants to use an e-bike in the city. Being stuck in the daily commuter traffic that happens at least twice a day, or even worse, getting caught up in endless traffic jams that sometimes make history with how long they’re stopped. 

In your electric bike, feel free to pass everyone and weave through stopped cars with style and ease, or take routes you normally wouldn’t because of cars parked on either side of the street, and get home before anyone else! As you can imagine, this is much more enjoyable during the spring and summer parts of the year. 

Go Grocery Shopping

This might sound like an absolutely terrible idea, at first. I mean, how could you effectively transport your groceries? Piling flimsy plastic bag handles on your handlebars doesn’t sound especially effective. 

Not to worry! An awesome feature that e-bikes have is that they allow you to add things like baskets, racks, and panniers to your bike so that you can carry so much more without endangering either yourself or your precious goods. For those who don’t know, a pannier is a sort of bike bag that you can attach to the wheels. 

Obviously, this isn’t really a viable option if you intend to do your hefty once-a-month kind of grocery shopping. You would end up with the world’s hardest bicycle to control. But when it comes to odds and ends that you need to pick up from time to time, it’s absolutely doable. 

Go Farther, Faster in The City

Using an e-bike doesn’t just make your regular commutes easier. With an e-bike, you can explore so much more of the city you’ve been visiting or living in. No longer can you use traffic as an excuse not to look around! Now you have the means of navigating as far as you dare to explore without the obstruction of being stuck behind cars. 

You can’t use your health as an excuse either. Electric bikes provide you with a helpful boost that allows you to conquer steep hills and excellent brakes to assist with downhill slopes. Besides, you can’t help but get healthier and more energized by riding a bike, regardless of whether it’s an electrically assisted ride. You’re already going to ride laps around your old self. 

Enjoy Your Surroundings

When you’re stuck in a car you have to be ever vigilant of the cars in front of you, behind you, on either side of you, the pedestrians trying to cross the street, try to keep an eye out for stop signs, and let’s not forget making sure you can always hear any sirens that might be coming up from behind you. 

The point is, with so many things you have to watch out for while driving, it’s impossible to really enjoy and appreciate the beautiful sights, sounds, smells, and people your city has to offer you. How many experiences do you miss out on because you’re stuck in an aluminum box?

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Riding a bike, in general, will allow you to experience more of what you want, but an e-bike, in particular, will let you cruise and take routes that maybe you weren’t able to before. Feel free to stop at shops you couldn’t access before because of the limited car parking and get to know more people. You’ll find there are so many wonderful places and people you weren’t able to even meet or see before when you were stuck in the confines of your car.

Race Your Friends

I had to end this list on something really fun you can do with e-bikes. Most would say this is an outrageous and awful idea, but I will leave it to your capable judgment of determining where in the city you would want to race. 

Still, if you want my two cents I would say the streets that are the least busy with traffic and the least crowded are always viable options. It’s much better to race your friends when you all have an e-bike, just to have the race set on an even playing field. Anyone having to use a car is just going to be set at a disadvantage, not to mention this is not a video game, and racing with a car would just be dumb. Always be considerate of others in your city.

But with your e-bikes, zip through streets, jump on and off curbs with ease, and race your way to the edge of town where the race can continue off the beaten path! Make an entire adventure out of it and have the time of your life with the ones you enjoy spending time with the most.


Whether you decide to get an e-bike for the sole purpose of cutting your commuter times in half, for enjoying more of what life has to offer, or to fulfill your daredevil desires, you will not be disappointed in your purchase. 

While I have given you a list of things to try, hopefully, you’ve been inspired and come up with a few ideas of your own. If you have, share your thoughts below in the comments section and while you’re there, tell us how using an e-bike has changed your life, if you’ve bought one.

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