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5 Things To Know About Automatic Deer Feeders

Deer are becoming popular animals that people are trying to domesticate. However, they are skittish creatures and may not stay in sight for a long time, preventing you from getting a clear picture or getting close to them. Due to this, deer feeders may come in handy when trying to domesticate a deer. They consist of different features which allow you to choose one that serves your open area. You may need an automatic feeder if you have ample land to feed your deer. 

Automatic deer feeders are suitable for luring a deer from its hiding place, especially during the hunting season or in open spaces. They scatter corn kernels or protein feeds on the area at specific intervals, attracting deer that come out to feed on them. You can strategically place the feeder around your backyard or recreational property for better results. Notably, the feeders can serve you for about a year or more, depending on how frequently you use them. 

Besides being a suitable way to attract deer, here are some other things buyers need to know about automatic deer feeders;


1. Conserve Feed And Are Weather Resistant

Buyers who don’t want to use a lot of corn kernels but want to attract deer will find the automatic deer feeder a suitable choice. The feeder ensures no wastage since it produces the number of corn kernels you want at specific intervals. Buyers can either reduce or increase the kernels depending on the number of deer they want to attract. Notably, during the hunting season, they will need more kernels to ensure the deer remains for a long time. 

The feeder consists of waterproof materials, including metal and galvanized steel. It also has weather-resistant exteriors such as lids which enable you to lock the feeder and prevent any water from mixing with the feed. All these features allow you to leave your automatic feeder outside all year, whether sunny or cloudy. source

2. Feeders Are Simple to Operate

The feeders are user-friendly, making it easier for beginners to operate. There is also a manual that ensures buyers know how exactly it works. Suppose you encounter difficulty while using the product; you can research on the internet or consult any experts to help you out. Notably, users only need to learn how to operate the switch present, which will help regulate the number of kernels dispersed at different intervals. 

Moreover, the automatic feeders do not require buyers to spin the machine for it to disperse the corn kernels. Since they are automated, buyers only need to learn how to regulate and turn the device on and off. The feeders can spin for about 360° allowing you to lure many deer from various directions. 

3. Allows users to mix different kinds of Feeds

Besides attracting the deer, the feeder allows it to feed for as long as it wants. The animals can come and leave as they wish, which is quite suitable for people who want to start a supplemental feeding program in the summer.

Land managers can use any feed like protein or corn kernels, depending on their preference. Besides, they can look for meals which provide minerals for a deer to develop and produce milk. Deer milk is suitable for improving the nutrition of the human body since it is more nutritious than milk produced by other animals like cows or sheep. source

4. Do Not Scare Away Wildlife 

Some feeders scare away deer instead of attracting them, which makes it difficult for users to spot them. However, if you use automatic feeders, you don’t have to worry about that since it comes in different friendly designs. Besides, they do not produce a lot of noise, which may disturb wildlife, allowing the deer to feed for a long time. 

The feeders also have varmint proofing which will attract other animals like squirrels and mice around the location; this helps in luring out the deer. There are also tight-fighting hopper lids with a locking mechanism that keeps critters away, which may break into the feed supply and scare away the deer. 

5. Have A Durable Battery Life

Many automatic feeders have a massive battery capacity between 6 volts and 12volts. The 6-volt battery can last about four weeks, whereas the 12-volts can last for a whole month if used frequently. Notably, if you program your feeder to six feeding times daily, it will last longer. The batteries consist of Aluminum which is durable and hence can last longer. 

The batteries used are easily accessible and recharge at a fast rate. Some may recharge using a solar panel that is environmentally friendly and hence will be suitable to use in the wilderness. Notably, you will purchase the panel separately since the feeders do not come with it. 

The batteries are easy to dispose of, and you can recycle them to prevent environmental pollution. Furthermore, you should avoid disposing of the batteries near a fire. source


You can use plenty of feeders to attract deer, but the automatic deer feeder is the most reliable. To enjoy all the benefits of the automatic feeder listed above, you can purchase it from an online or physical store. Besides that, you can research more on the benefits of the feeders before making a purchase; this will help you familiarize yourself with how it works. 

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