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6 Must-Dos When Renting A Flat In Bangalore

In case you are planning to move to Bangalore and wondering which accommodation option to choose, it is wise to opt for flats for rent in Bangalore. The reason for this is that you don’t have to pay expensive property tax and always have the flexibility of changing the place if not suited. Although renting comes with several advantages, there are also a few obligations and responsibilities that are to be fulfilled by an individual when renting a flat in Bangalore. Here we have complied 6 must-dos for all the tenants when shifting to a rented property. 

  • Research the neighbourhood before moving: Before you opt for renting a flat in any specific neighbourhood of Bangalore make sure to research if the area is safe and convenient to live in. Apart from the crime rate, it is suggested to look for local amenities around the neighbourhood such as grocery stores, hospitals, gas stations, public commutation options, schools, health centres, places for entertainment or hanging out, convenient stores, and many other facilities important for you. Also, check if the neighbourhood is not too noisy or crowded. Consider the distance of your office or school from the particular neighbourhood before signing the lease.
  • Go through the terms of the lease: Once you are satisfied with the condition of the particular flat and thinking of renting it, ask for the rental agreement. Before you sign the lease, always remember to go through its terms. In case you are a first-time renter and don’t have much idea how to scrutinize the rental agreement, it is better to have an attorney look over it so that it can be made sure that every term mentioned is fair. Usual terms mentioned in any lease are maintenance and upkeep policies, date of termination of the contract, amount of rent charged, payment mode of rent, pet policies, and guidelines for breaking the rental agreement. Also, don’t forget to check the terms related to having back your security deposit. The last thing you want is an unexpected surprise from your landlord, so ensure to do your homework appropriately. 
  • Inspect the property: in case you want your security deposit back, then you must document all the pre-existing damages to the flat. Once you have moved into the flat, the first thing you should do is to take photos of the pre-existing damages as proof and report the same to the landlord. You can also ask your landlord to provide you with the move-in / move-out checklist. This particular checklist consists of the features that will be examined by the landlord before you leave the rented flat to assess the number of damages done by you to the property. Based on this list, it is decided if what amount of security deposit will be paid back to you by the landlord. 
  • Get the renters insurance after moving in: You never know when you come across any unfortunate events. No matter if you are renting a flat in the safest area of Bangalore, you can experience unexpected mishappening such as theft, fire, or any natural disaster. To save yourself from financial loss, your best bet is to invest in renters’ insurance. While your landlord may provide insurance covering the building, but there is a possibility that it won’t be covering your stuff. Therefore, you should specifically ask your landlord to provide you with rental insurance for replacing your possessions in case they are damaged due to fire, water, or theft when living in the rented property. 
  • Set up automatic bill payment: It can be embarrassing to pay your rent late or even forget to pay it altogether. In case your landlord accepts the online payment of the rent then it is suggested to set up automatic bill payments to the account of your landlord. You can either set up monthly or quarterly payments, whichever is feasible to you and your landlord. This is the best way to make sure that you don’t forget to pay rent and utility bills to the landlord. In case your landlord does not accept online payments, then it is better to set reminders to the calendar or your phone. 
  • Maintain the property: Do the toilet in your flat has stopped working or pipelines are clogged? Don’t wait for the problem to become worse, just contact your landlord and ask him to get them repaired. Usually, it is the responsibility of the landlord to pay for the repairs. But it is your responsibility to take care of the property and to not be too ignorant leading to damages.  

So you have decided to move to Bangalore but are not able to find an ideal rented property? Stanzaliving is here for your help. Here one can explore several options of genuine rental properties according to the area’s zip code. 

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