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6 Quick Ideas to Increase the Value Of Your Mobile Home

Manufactured homes tend to depreciate after they are purchased. The older a constructed home is, the more difficult it can be to add value, so it is vital to be knowledgeable enough in all the simple changes that you can do to keep it on its worth as before. Unfortunately, many prefabricated homeowners decide to make a series of upgrades to land at a higher selling price. However, many manufactured homeowners choose targeted home improvement projects to improve their crash pads.

Whether you have plans to sell your manufactured home or you want to enjoy a higher level of comfort through renovations, it is essential to know that some upgrades may not add value to your home. However, your modular residence can increase value with the right upgrades like traditional homes. So to help you avoid the home improvement plans that do not pay off, we have collected below the easy and quick upgrades that will improve your level of comfort as well as the ambience and value of your property.

  1. Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Most of us do not know the value of simply shifting to energy-efficient or energy-saving appliances. As simple as changing your old refrigerator, doors and windows with new energy-efficient products is another home improvement option that can add value to your property. This idea is even applicable to regular or traditional homes that are frequently neglected. Besides adding aesthetic appeal to your home, you will save a lot of money on your electrical bills as the charges are often lower than usual. 

  1. Regular Replacement of Skirting

Since mobile homes are no longer different from traditional homes when it comes to exposure to various weather types, the idea of using insulated skirting under the manufactured home is a fantastic go-to option in improving the value of your home. It can control the temperature, reduce moisture-related problems, prevent your pipes from freezing, and it can eliminate updrafts significantly. If your mobile home’s skirting happens to be in bad shape, replacing it with insulated skirting is a great idea. New skirting and even considering the insulated type and siding can dramatically enhance the exterior of your pre-owned or used mobile homes for sale while lowering your cooling and heating costs. 

  1. Consistent Maintenance

One of the best ways to add value to a manufactured home is to maintain it and stay on top of needed repairs. Refreshing your interior with regular changing of the coat of neutral paint, updated light fixtures and plumbing can improve your comfort and make your manufactured home more attractive to buyers if you decide to sell it. This is a basic protocol in whatever housing type that you have. A move-in ready or ready for occupancy home generally commands a higher asking price and is most preferred by potential buyers.

  1. Move your Home to High-Value Location

Although moving a house can be costly, the value attained can be substantial by relocating the house, even after moving costs are deducted from the final sum up value. Heavy move but simple in terms of the process. Also, manufactured homes on rented lots are more challenging to sell because of limited funding options.

  1. Invest in Extra Footage

Adding a bedroom, bathroom, or garage or carport to your modular home is easy and a cost-effective upgrade that increases value. You can buy a modular room built off-site and installed alongside your main house, or you can make your addition as a separate structure. Since this idea may require some budget, you do not have to worry as these investments will grow when the selling time comes.

  1. Good Interior Finishes

Maybe these are the most noticeable upgrades that cost the least. They do not involve severe structural changes or working with contractors, which means the additional cost. This is a fun and comforting idea since It will give you the ability to express yourself and make a personal statement from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your lifestyle with a very personal touch.

Suppose you cannot get a reasonable price on the home improvements you decided to make. In that case, you may want to consider some relatively other inexpensive upgrades that you think could still add value to your property. 

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