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6 Shocking Pros And Cons Of Packaging Boxes Wholesaler

Packaging is not an easy task for any business firm. They have to consider each element before making their final product and its packaging. The boxes play a crucial role in any business life. So never dare to ignore the importance of these boxes as they can uplift your business and its products, or they can decline sales as well. Now when we talk about packaging boxes wholesaler, we have different types of box material that anyone can use for its firm, and their names are:

  • Cardboard material
  • Kraft board boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Plastic boxes

All these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. But the most preferred one is cardboard boxes. So now let us discuss the overall six shocking pros and cons of packaging boxes wholesaler.

Following are the pros of packaging boxes:


Improved Product Safety:

Product safety is the business owners’ primary concern because they invest a lot of money and put effort into making a product, so when the time comes to deliver these various goods either to shop or at the doorstep of customers, how can they compromise? on the packaging. The cardboard packaging can safeguard all types of goods and can help in the safe and sound delivery of these items from one place to another. These are one of those boxes on which firms can rely blindly. Not only this thing, but these boxes are best for storage purposes as well. When any business produces goods, they manufacture them in bulk, and firms enclose them in packaging boxes and store them in warehouses. So, one can organize their inventories in these containers and whenever they need it can take it out. Plus, these boxes can make the warehouse look more spacious as well. In short, these boxes are helpful in every manner.

Add a Professional Touch:

Cardboard boxes are easily customizable, which means any brand can firstly choose a beautiful color for its package, designs, and labeling, then start making the box by assembling process. They can cut these boxes in whatever shape and style they want. Then select any innovative design for their firm’s products and print it on the packages by using various printing techniques. The design should not be de outdated. It should be something new and trending in the market. Then the next thing to give a professional look to the packaging boxes wholesaler is that firm can add their logo on the boxes to make it a source of promotion, and the last tip is that one can also add labeling on these boxes. Labeling is basically the instructions and details about the product, its manufacture, and usage that customers should know before buying it.

Cut Your Costs and recyclable boxes:

Every brand wants to cut extra expenses and minimize their costs as much as they can do. cardboard boxes are the least expensive boxes that any brand can opt for. Firms can use them without any hesitation and make different sizes of containers that can wrap products of various sizes. Besides this, the best part is these boxes are recyclable and reusable for multiple tasks. And this reduces the wastage of natural resources to a great extent like coal, gas, etc. And these boxes are sustainable as well it means they have no drastic effect on the environment.

Following are the cons of packaging boxes:

Not for hefty items:

There is no doubt that cardboard boxes are the most solid and durable, but the disadvantage of these boxers is that they cannot wrap up heavy items. If goods are super heavy, they can break the cardboard packaging boxes during transportation and before reaching the customers. And if this situation occurs, then a terrible first impression is created on the customers, and most probably, the breakage of the box can also result in the spoilage of the product. So, the best possible solution to avoid this situation is that do not pack heavy items in these boxes, and as a result, these boxes can have a long life.

May deform under pressure:

At the time of transportation firm always dispatch different orders at the same time. All these products are packed in the packaging boxes wholesaler. That is why one has to place the boxes upside down to make space in the transportation vehicle. Another con about the packaging boxes wholesaler is that they may deform under tremendous pressure it means there are chances that during the shipment process, the shape of the box can completely spoil and create a mess for the firm. So, for this situation, the best solution is that firm can use cardboard boxes with two or three layers instead of a single layer to make the boxes the most durable and save their shape during the way. But the more layer you will add, the more the cost of these boxes will increase, and they will no longer remain affordable for the firm. And when a firm produces expensive packages, then they will surely charge it from the public. As a result, it is a burden for both parties.

Not weatherproof:

The cardboard packaging is not waterproof. Many of you will think that according to some blogs, these boxes save the products packed inside from water, so how are these boxes not waterproof. So, the answer is yes, they give extra coverage to the items and save them from water, but these boxes cannot bear excess water and can be completely spoiled. Like in the case of rain, these boxes are not preferred to use because before reaching their final destination, the parcel will soak in water, and resultantly, the item inside will also spoil. So, if you are able to protect these boxes from a heavy amount of water, then they are best for your firm; otherwise, avoid them.


So, all these pons and cons of cardboard boxes can help any firm to know how much these boxes are beneficial for themselves, but the disadvantages can cause a little problem. So, you have to beware and try to resolve these issues or the least you can do is avoid heavy items, and when you place boxes in the transportation vehicle, there should be no water around the boxes.

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