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6 Signs You Need Storm Damage Roof Repairs

A normal storm can lead to high-speed winds and heavy downpour. Bigger and stronger the storms greater will be the damage to property and life. A hailstorm is a solid precipitation that consists of irregular lumps of ice also known as hailstones that severely damage the roof. Professional storm damage roof repair services help understand the damage and get your roof repaired or replaced, depending upon the damage suffered.

Hailstorms usually occur during winter, spring and autumn, with heavy thunderstorms as well at times. Some newer built roofs may handle a certain level of storm damage. At times the weather conditions are really unfavorable that can cause havoc to the roof, leaving no option wither repair or replacement is required.

6 Signs You Need Storm Damage Roof Repairs

1) Granule loss: Shingles are prone to erosion. A hailstorm will damage the shingles and chips or small pieces of the shingles break down because of them. The gutters may have tiny granulated particles or broken pieces of the shillings accumulated at the opening of the pipe or the pavement through which the water is guided into the ground or nearby garden. 

2) Gutter and pipe damage: The flow of water in the roof draining pipes is affected. Leakage in the gutters occurs due to heavy wind which causes displacement of the pipes. If the gutters are damaged then there are chances that the water will go where it shouldn’t; either on the roof or out of the side pipes. Gutter and external pipe damage is the most common type of damage that occurs during a storm after roof damage.

3) Loose or broken metal frames: The chimneys, roof valleys, vents, and edges are more at risk of being damaged as they fully exposed to the storm and other conditions. The material used for sealing these attachments should be checked as the impact of the hailstones and strong winds will loosen up the frames and cause leakage to the roof.

4) Wet Water Stains: The attic area which is made for ventilation and air to pass should be inspected regularly as strong winds at times can loosen up the foundation of the attic and can damage the insulation of the house which is primarily used to maintain the temperature inside the house. If the attic gets damaged it will further lead to leakage and sagging of the roof. Other signs of attic damage are damp roofs and walls. Formation of wet water stains on the roof. Before it gets worse one should immediately hire a team of affordable expert roof repair services.

5) Loose debris: After a heavy hailstorm the damage will already be done to the roof, one should be careful if the shingles or part of the roof becomes weak due to the impact of the hailstones. Weak and broken shingles probably start to slide off from the roof and can be harmful to the people around the house and also people living inside the house.

6) Other damages: Broken shingles are primary, the layers which are beneath the roof that provides insulation, water proofing, and sound proofing can also be damaged if the top layer gives up. This leads to gradual changes in temperatures, excessive usage of energy resources for maintaining the temperature. Such damages can also be noticed at a basic level to see how much intensity of hail damage can be and when to call for professional help.

Final Words:
Once the signs are clearly visible, it is better to hire professional roof repair and replacement services for storm damage roof repair. They know their job well and have proper expertise and experience in repairing several types of damages. With the right tools, equipment, and safety measure they get the job done quickly and efficiently saving your time and money.

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