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9 Tips To Speed Up and Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process of processing and assimilation of nutrients that entered the body with food. As a result, we get energy, which allows us to cope with all our affairs and responsibilities. This chemical reaction takes place in the cells responsible for converting nutrients from foods into the energy we need to live. 

The body needs energy literally for everything; to move, think, and breathe. It helps our circulatory and digestive systems work, and to form more muscle mass. Unused energy gets stored in our body in the form of fats, hence it is important for maintaining an active metabolism.


How To Boost Your Metabolism?

With proper metabolism, fat does not accumulate in the body. And fortunately, the metabolic rate can be influenced. The metabolic response is the rate at which the body uses its available energy to work or burn calories. The faster this metabolic response, there will more muscle mass and less fat. For this reason, this figure is higher for men than for women. 

Intense training is the best way to keep your metabolism active. And the combination of strength training with cardio is the key to burning fat. If you still do not know how to speed up metabolism, then our today’s article is for you!

Avoid Alcohol

Heavy drinking can lead to several health problems and slow down the metabolism of a person. As a result, it increases the chances of gaining more weight. One way to prevent such a condition is avoiding alcohol consumption.

You should never ignore the signs of alcoholism no matter how minor the problem of addiction may seem. However, getting rid of this toxic drink is not so easy. So, consult an addiction specialist today and learn how to overcome it for better health.

Include Coconut Oil In Your Diet

Coconut oil is useful not only for cosmetic purposes but also because it can speed up metabolism and help you lose weight. Various scientific found that coconut oil fat is easily digestible and improves metabolism. It promotes the active burning of calories (up to three times more compared to other oils). Thus, it will be beneficial to your health if you include coconut oil in your diet.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Adequate protein intake helps prepare the body for rapid weight loss. Additional protein is a key factor in boosting your metabolism. This is because protein nourishes the body with an adequate amount of amino acid.

You can find lots of protein in chicken and beef. It would be wise to include them in your diet. In addition, other lean meats (rabbit, turkey) and chicken eggs are also good sources of protein. You can find protein in vegetables, such as potatoes, broccoli, and spinach.

Don’t Forget About Exercise

Intense workouts can be exhausting for you, but this is the best way to keep your metabolism active. Ideally, it will combine strength exercises with cardio loads. This will help your body burn stored fat faster. Besides, some exercises will also help suppress your appetite, reducing your daily calorie intake. Many experts recommend exercising daily so you keep your body in good shape.

Prepare Yourself A Healthy Breakfast

Many people believe that if they eat less, then it will be easier for them to lose weight. So they often just skip breakfast. Needless to say, it’s exactly the opposite.  Metabolism is significantly slower in people who are not used to eating breakfast. Many research studies confirmed this fact. Therefore, it is best to train yourself to cook a healthy breakfast that includes proteins, fiber, and antioxidants.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent option for those who want to speed up their metabolism, burn fat and thus get rid of extra pounds and centimeters. Green tea is rich in important antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. 

In addition, green tea promotes good digestion. And of course, this low-calorie tea greatly speeds up the metabolism. Besides, it’s a great alternative to harmful beverages, such as coffee and sugary drinks. You can replace them with green tea and enjoy good health.

Drink Water

Daily water intake is essential for the proper hydration of our body. Water contains no calories. Water aids digestion and maintains a good metabolic rate.  These properties of water make it one of the key elements of any diet.

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Besides, the process of metabolism requires lots of energy and so does the process of warming the water in the body. It is advisable to drink warm water as it would stimulate your metabolism. You can have a glass of warm water half an hour before you eat your breakfast.

Add Spices

Hot spices like cayenne pepper can also be a great weight loss aid. Peppers contain an active ingredient called capsaicin, which is involved in metabolic processes. Cayenne pepper is a powerful antioxidant and even acts as an anti-carcinogen.

Researchers found out that spicy foods increase the metabolism of a person by eight percent. They also found that eating spicy foods helps you get full quicker as it increases the feeling of satiety.

Get Enough Sleep

It has been scientifically proven that people who experience sleep problems have a much stronger desire to compensate with additional calories. Therefore, they gain excess weight faster. Getting enough sleep is extremely important for stimulating a person’s metabolism. It means you stay sleep-deprived for a long time, it will imbalance your metabolic system. Thus, the risk of increased weight and obesity increases in such people.

Take Away

You need to keep your metabolism healthy; otherwise, your body may suffer. A healthy metabolic system allows the body to burn calories quickly and aid in the weight loss process. It also helps to fight insomnia and other sleep problems. So you should follow the tips we mentioned in this article to boost your metabolism.

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