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Airtable Demo vs Asana Demo – Which One Should Your Business Choose?

There is nothing more important for a manager than a reliable software. They need a platform where they can communicate with their team members and collaborate with other partners. Even the most straightforward projects will benefit from the planning, scheduling, assigning, and reporting features included in the tool. However, companies should not choose the first product they see, and thorough research is required to find the most suitable option. This comprehensive comparison of Airtable demo vs Asana demo should help companies make an informed decision when they are shopping for a project management solution.


Airtable Software

Airtable software is an all-in-one project management solution that has powerful features for companies of all scales and sizes. It is the ideal choice for project managers who are using a software to manage their teams for the first time. The solution ticks all the boxes on any business’ checklist in terms of its functionality. It has an intuitive interface that beginners can learn within a few hours, which is why it is a popular option amongst those who have just started their digital transformation journey.

Key Features

When comparing Airtable demo vs Asana demo, it is important to discuss how modern and user-friendly the features are. When we compare airtable vs smartsheet then we come to know that airtable offers several capabilities, and helps project managers follow the progress through every stage of the project lifecycle.

  • Managers can categorize tasks according to their current status. They can drag-and-drop each item between the pending, in-progress, and completed column on the board.
  • Deliverables can be divided into tasks and subtasks to help team members complete them on time.
  • Multiple views are available for all users’ convenience. They can choose between Kanban, list, and calendar views.
  • There are several customization options and users can add custom fields or filters to make it easier for them to monitor the progress.
  • Airtable software maintains a complete history of the project activity and users can refer back to it whenever required.
  • The scheduling tool helps set due dates and sends reminders whenever an action item or its dependent task is due.
  • The platform can integrate with several software and cloud storage solutions to bring all the deliverables in one place.
  • Reporting delivers in-depth customized graphs, charts, and descriptions which include important insights extracted from the project analysis.
  • Airtable has project templates as well which the teams can use and reuse as many times as required.

Asana Software

Another popular project management solution is Asana and it helps business keep track of all tasks, bugs, and communication. When comparing Airtable demo vs Asana demo, it is important to note that the latter is an online interface. It includes several useful features such as Gantt charts, time tracking, and reporting templates. The extensive list of features and communication options make it an ideal choice for those who need more functionality for their complex projects.

Key Features

Asana software offers various options for viewing, monitoring, and reporting the project activities. It breaks down complex procedures and makes them easier to follow or complete for team members.

  • The software offers several visualization options and helps managers keep up with all updates from the team directly through the dashboard.
  • It provides the option to add custom statuses for all tasks so team members can add updates with the click of a button.
  • Tracking issues is a lot easier through the Asana issue management feature. Teams can follow the resolution process for every error and bug.
  • There are several pricing plans based on the number of users and advanced features required by the business.
  • Automation helps set up recurring tasks using if-then statements and defining triggers so the employees can focus on the more important items.
  • Timesheets keep a complete log of all the hours spent working on the project and breaks them down according to task and employee.
  • Resource management is much easier through Asana since managers can see the current workload for all workers and also track the availability of communal tools.
  • The task view helps maintain all task dependencies as well so team members have everything they need when they begin working on an action item.

Common Features

Kanban Boards

In terms of visualization, both Airtable demo vs Asana demo include Kanban boards because they are very valuable in terms of task assignment. It divides the project into several tasks and each one is represented by a card. Everyone can view the people associated with the task and provide feedback by commenting on the card. Managers can also get a complete overview of the project by clicking on the relevant board. The Kanban board is a digital roster board which makes it easier to assign responsibilities and track the status of each action item.

Task Management

No project management software is complete without task management. In order to accomplish goals, it is important for the team to go through several processes. Airtable and Asana help monitor all tasks, their dependencies, and sequence. Managers can add all the details relevant to the task and also attach the necessary files along with the instructions. With more complex projects, there are even more tasks, and the software can make it easier for one person to keep up with all of them.

To-do Lists

Both project management software display the to-do list particular to the user on their dashboard. Team members can view all the items they need to deliver on any given day, week, month, or quarter. The central location of the list means there are no missed deadlines. With increased visibility it is also easier to maintain transparency for a project. Team members can view their own and other’s accomplishments and see how their contribution is making an impact towards the broader goals.


The Airtable demo vs Asana demo comparison comes to an end with a roundup of their common features. Each platform is useful when it comes to planning initiatives and seeing them through. However, the final decision depends on the type of user. Experienced professionals would be better off with Asana while a business that is new to the world of project management will be more suited for Airtable.

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