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Amazing Things to Do in Chania, Crete Greece

With thousands of years of history, stunning white sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes and ancient ruins, it’s no wonder Chania is one of the most visited places in Europe.

Chania is one of the most beautiful Greek cities on the island of Crete and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and natural beauty.

Here are just a few things to do in Chania and Crete Greece.


Get lost in the Old Town

While Chania’s Old Town is full of modern shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions, it also holds a wealth of history, culture, and ancient sites.

Take a stroll down the cobbled streets and admire the impressive architecture. Wander past the Roman amphitheatre, Roman Theatre, Byzantine Church, and Venetian Fortress, and enjoy a coffee at a quaint café.

Go out at night on Daliani Street

Daliani Street is an unassuming alleyway in Chania, Crete Greece that has become famous for its lively nightlife and vibrant local culture.

Most tourists who come to Chania visit the Old Town or Chora, but the city’s real gems are hidden around the corners. Take a stroll through the streets of Daliani Street, and you will see why it has earned this status.

There are bars, restaurants, and cafes tucked away in the alleys that you can only find by walking up the narrow lanes.

At the end of Daliani Street you will find a small square where you can watch the locals play backgammon, drink coffee, and enjoy a snack.

Walk to the old port’s Lighthouse

Located on the western coast of the city, Chania’s old port has a magnificent view of the sunset over the sea.

Chania’s old port is a popular place to visit for tourists and locals alike. It is full of souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, and cafes, making it a very pleasant place to spend the afternoon.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner by the Seashore

A romantic dinner by the beach is the perfect way to end a day of sightseeing and spend some quality time together. This can be done in a restaurant on the beach or at a private hotel.

A night at a hotel is more relaxed and comfortable, but a restaurant on the beach will give you the opportunity to get out of the city and enjoy the amazing view.

You can choose from a wide variety of restaurants and bars at the beach, so you’re sure to find something that suits your mood.

When choosing a restaurant, look for one that has a spectacular view, good food, and a reasonable price.

Hop on a boat trip to Chania’s best beaches

While Chania is beautiful on land, nothing beats seeing the city from the water. There are plenty of boat trips available to the different beaches.

I’d recommend visiting the Blue Lagoon, Kavos, and Elafonisi Islands. The Blue Lagoon is a popular beach where you can spend the day lounging around the crystal clear waters.

Kavos is a small island with many restaurants and bars where you can eat or drink your favorite beverages. It’s also a good spot to try your hand at snorkeling.

Elafonisi Island is the largest and most popular of the three. It has beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and lots of restaurants.

Maritime Museum of Crete

Visit the Maritime Museum of Crete. The maritime museum in Chania is a must-see for visitors to the city and features a collection of artefacts from the city’s rich history.

The museum was established in 1999 and is dedicated to the history of shipping, trade and commerce in the region. It also contains exhibits on the maritime activities of the city.

Archaeological Museum of Chania

One of the main attractions of Chania is the archaeological museum, located on the city’s famous Venetian walls. This museum has several halls, each dedicated to a specific era of Cretan culture, from the Minoan period (c. 2600 BC) to the Byzantine Empire (5th century AD).

Visitors can see various artifacts from different eras of Crete’s history, including some beautiful ceramics and a large collection of Roman statues.

A highlight of this museum is a large stone lion, carved out of marble and dating back to the Minoan period. The lion’s head has a very interesting shape, and the sculpture is truly impressive.

Botanic Park & Gardens of Crete

One of the most famous botanical gardens in the world is located in the city of Chania. It contains a huge variety of plants and trees from around the globe.

The botanical gardens were founded in 1892 and are located in a beautiful area of ​​Chania. Here, you can see many different types of flowers, exotic fruits and herbs. The garden is open every day except on Mondays.


Crete is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and the second largest island in Greece. It is located off the north-eastern coast of mainland Greece and is part of the Dodecanese islands.

The history of Crete has been a subject of many myths and legends. The most famous story is of King Minos and his Minotaur. This story was recorded by the poet Homer.

The most common activities to do in Crete are beach hopping and relaxing at the resorts. You can also visit the ancient ruins of the Palace of Knossos and other archaeological sites.

There are lots of interesting things to see and do in Crete. The best way to get around the island is by bus or taxi.

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