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Are You a Beginner Using Real Estate Marketing Postcards? Don’t Worry – Try These 4 Unique Templates for Selling Suburban Houses!

For many years, real estate marketing postcards have been cost-effective and efficient in driving trust and product recognition. If you are looking to sell your suburban house, postcards are a fantastic way in increasing awareness and creating demand through ways such as targeted marketing.

If you’re considering using real estate marketing postcards, here are 4 unique templates for selling a suburban house:


1) Just Sold Real Estate Marketing Postcards

Clients are looking for proof that you are a genuine and reliable go-to realtor when buying or selling their suburban houses. You, therefore, need to market yourself as an accomplished seller by creating a postcard detailing properties you have sold and new neighbors, etc. If you want to create an effective just sold real marketing postcard, be guided by these steps: 

Make The Most of the Postcard

You must know how to use the postcard, as this will help you develop a format that will disseminate as much information as possible.

Choose Postcard Design

Think of a design that you’d like to see on the postcard’s layout and then align it with this design in the postcard with the suburban house you just sold.

Develop A Format 

To develop a format for your real estate marketing postcards, refer to a template of your choice. The pre-formatted template can guide you in creating a specific design for your just sold postcard before you can finally print or post it.

If you need further information, you can click here to see more.

2) Just listed real estate marketing postcards

Just listed real estate postcards are economical and effective in reaching your real estate business goals. The postcard can attract and motivate potential new listings. Consumers rely on your listings to get a lead on what suburban house to purchase. Therefore, you must provide conclusive information such as location, unique features, and pictures of the house you’re selling.

3) Open house real estate marketing postcards

Postcards used in advertising suburban open houses usually attract various types of clients. These include individuals who are in the initial stages of buying a home and are keen on finding a suitable neighborhood, those who are currently looking for a home and, therefore, are willing to assess the houses available, and finally those who are just curious to see the house.

It is vital that the postcard is designed to be courteously welcoming and should include important details such as the venue address, date, and time of the viewing of the 

house. After the viewing, be sure to remember to check the names on your sign-in list and send a thank you note, as this creates a good impression for future engagements.

4) Agent introduction real estate postcards

Creating a personalized real estate agent postcard is the key to increasing its effectiveness as a marketing tool. If you choose to go with an agent introduction, consider putting information on the postcard to tell the client more about you, for example, your interests and attributes. This will give your potential customer an insightful look at you as a real estate agent; hence, the client can decide whether or not to sell their suburban house through you. Real estate marketing postcards are a great way to sell your suburban house, whether you plan an open house, promote your house, or look for leads. With various real estate postcard templates, it is easy to create a postcard that best helps sell suburban houses.

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