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Assertiveness Expert Jane Morales Encourages Peers to Adopt a Leadership Mindset

Working with an assertiveness expert can significantly alter your life, leading to better life outcomes, more productivity, and success. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jane Morales is a human development, potential, leadership, and assertiveness coach who works with individuals looking to transform their lives. She holds a BS in Marketing from Bentley University in Boston and an MS in Communications from Boston University. Besides her credentials, she has also trained in The Power of Intention and Positive Affirmations. 

This is not all! The certified assertiveness expert has completed a higher degree in Psychosynthesis – Psychology. As a result, Jane isn’t like other life coaches or potential facilitators. Instead, her credentials and experience prove she’s the real deal. While this talented young woman has carved a stellar reputation as a leadership and success coach, she didn’t start her career as a mental coach. Instead, she worked in the television industry for over a decade as a host and entertainment news anchor for Telemundo and NBC. 

What sets her apart is the fact that she has always been a high-performing individual. Jane Morales set goals for herself in the television industry and checked all of them after her time in the industry, prompting her to switch industries and careers altogether. She became the Public Relations and Advertising Director for Cartier Jewelers International, handling their affairs in Latin American markets. Jane stayed in her role at Cartier Jewelers International until she accomplished everything she set out to do. 

In order to seek a new challenge, Jane obtained certifications in meditation, mental coaching, etc. She also started training herself in areas of self-improvement and potential fulfillment. Today, she is the founder of her own Assertiveness, Empowerment, and Mental Strength Coaching method. She assists her clients in achieving success by helping them in developing their mental fortitude. In addition, she teaches them to be more assertive in their decision-making. Her work has garnered critical acclaim and significant customer praise for facilitating them to transform their lives. Moreover, it is built on understanding the energy of thought. 

She not only helps clients organize their goals and create an action plan but also enables them to connect with their true intelligence, allowing them to know and control their life. The interesting part is that her coaching method also focuses on building self-esteem and self-confidence in people. She aims to help people develop a positive and harmonious experience, resulting in a healthier and more successful life.

Jane Morale’s journey in meditation and mindful wellness started when she was 20 and in college. She realized the importance of clearing her mind and removing mundane distractions because they prevented her from achieving her goals. Furthermore, she discovered that clearing her mind heightened her instincts while shortening the path to her goals. It also gave Jane more clarity in life, allowing her to identify her life’s purpose in a better way. These experiences were extremely beneficial because she realized that the power to identify and achieve goals resided within herself and not from outside sources.

Eventually, the qualified life coach recognized that people tend to doubt themselves too much and pay more attention to outside noise. They let others’ opinions affect them because they’re too busy seeking outside affirmations. However, Jane recommends clients focus on their inner strength to achieve their goals because intrinsic motivation always triumphs over external motivation. With the hope of using her methods to help people connect with their higher selves, she wants people to learn to trust and respect their instincts because they’ll take them way ahead in life. Apart from that, she has written a book called, Stop Dragging Through Life and Recover Your Purpose, Drive, Motivation, Force, and Happiness, which explains how people can become successful and accomplish their dreams by igniting their inner drive. The book also expands on the concepts of her coaching methods, detailing the importance of creating action plans to achieve your goals. Moreover, Jane guides readers about reconnecting with their absolute best version in the book. So, if you’re looking for a success and motivation coach to change your life, Jane Morales has you covered!

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