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Basic Asp .Net Features And Master Page Utilities

ASP .NET is a server-based and open-source web application outline which was started in 2000 by Microsoft. With time, there comes numerous variations in the technology and the outline gets new revolutions. In that case, looking out the best ASP .NET programmers who have the best knowledge of Master Page & the latest informs can be a difficult job. Only expert developers are cable to alter the app idea into an achievement undertaking for businesses. If reports are to be supposed, many .NET developers use the outline each day to make a huge range of forceful applications.

What is ASP .NET Core?

ASP .NET is open source, shaped by Microsoft and lets developers to make website applications, dynamic content-driven web and web services. ASP programmers use ASP, a Microsoft application, to succeed the publication of web pages. Initially it was brought upon 2016, ASP .NET Core is comparatively new, however it has by now got a 2.0 release and is now a unchanging alternative to Windows-hosted ASP .NET website applications. Developers where ASP .NET can leverage their current information of C# and can speedily pick up the outline differences presented in ASP .NET Core.

There are several reasons to use ASP .NET when making a website and application. High speed, less cost, and massive language support are amongst the most important assistances. ASP .NET is made into the familiar Windows server environment, necessitating less arrangement and shape than additional website development platforms that should be installed and configured unconnectedly. The approval of ASP.NET programmers makes resources and skilled developers simple to find.


Difference Between Applications and Websites

Applications and Websites created with ASP .NET can be quicker and more efficient than a website created with PHP, for instance. ASP .NET app is assembled, that are the code is interpreted into object code, which is then performed.

Software expense is a crucial issue once developing a web site. It won’t be that developers had to shop for dearly-won package (called Integrated Development Environments, or IDEs) so as to create applications. Nowadays many code is written exploitation free tools. ASP .NET code is written employing a easy text editor, numerous free software design text correctors and, most ordinarily, Microsoft’s present Visual Studio application, that is out there in an exceedingly free Community Edition for non-corporate use. Firms with over five developers should purchase a license to use Visual Studio, however the price is competitive with skilled day for alternative platforms. Microsoft additionally provides Graphic Studio Code, a less weight IDE and editor that is free for everybody, as well as firms.

ASP .NET is written Thing oriented Programming languages like or C#. Object oriented Programming offers an outline and designs for code group and utilize. Although may be a holdover from Microsoft’s inheritance Visual Basic creation and has mostly fallen out of favor among developers, C# may be a top notch artificial language and systematically ranks among the nation’s most popular and maximum used programming languages.

Finally, despite the fact that ASP .NET is open supply and absolve to use, it’s vigorously industrialized and reinforced by the worldwide main software system company, Microsoft. Microsoft is heavily endowed in their development stages, their designer community, and supporting the software system firms use in the direction of run these applications. This suggests you don’t have to be compelled to worry concerning your software system turning into yesterday’s news any time before long.

Master Page and Its Usage in Asp .Net

Master page is an Asp .Net file having the .master extension along with a predefined layout that can have HTML elements, static text, and server control. The page provides a template for single or multiple web forms. Master page defines placeholders for content and the content pages have only content. When any user requests the content page, Asp .Net simply merges the master page layout with the content page’s content and generates result. Master page offers a template for other pages along with shared functionality and layout. It also has markup and controls that should be across multiple pages in the website.

Why Developers Using Master Pages?

Master pages when used in Asp .Net, these work as a template page. All .aspx pages can refer these pages. Developers can simply define the look and feel of all the pages in their website at single location. This means whenever developer makes changes to the master pages, those changes will reflect in all the web pages referring to master pages.

A content page is the web page that applies master page for common UI.

Before the release of Master pages, Asp .Net developers created consistent web pages with the help of custom controls, CSS, and JavaScript. With Master pages, things changed and now developers can easily create consistent web pages with them. They can even dynamically change the common UI part on master page through content pages.

A master page is a critical page of the website. It allows the page developer to define the template of a website. In simple terms, a master page enables the page developer to define a website template, highlighting the portions of the template that need to remain fixed throughout pages using the template.

Developers can avail major benefits of using master pages in Asp .Net –

  • Master pages allow consistent and standardized layout of the website
  • Developers can bring layout changes to the site in the master page directly instead of introducing them in each webpage.
  • Master pages are easy to implement.
  • Master pages enable developers to centralize the common functionality of the pages in order to make updates at single place.

Moreover, developers can have multiple master pages each intended for its unique purpose. They can offer users several layout options with the help of multiple master pages. Developers can define the master page at multiple places in the web-based app.

How the Master Page Can Be Created?

There are following steps that help in creating master page-

  1. Right click the web project in the Solution Explorer Window
  2. Select Add New Item
  3. From Drop Down options, select the master page item type

How can developers link a web form to a master page in Asp .Net?

There are certain steps to follow –

  1. Open the new project in Visual Studio – Navigate to new project, then installed, choose web option and then Asp .Net Web Application. Click ok and select empty. When you click ok, project “masterpage” opens but you will find no file there.
  2. Add new file to the project – Right click project then add the new item. When you click on new item, window will open. There you can select web form and then web forms master page. Click on add button. Clock on site1.master into Solution Explorer.
  3. Design the master page with HTML code
  4. Add web form to the project – Right click on the project and then add new item. Choose web form with the master page and add the button Window. Open masterpage à site1.master and tap OK.
  5. Write home page


ASP .NET is an amazing outline to use when emerging website and web applications. It is dependable, quick, simple to use, free, and extensively known. ASP .NET offers complete control of your expansion and can be applied on any project, large or small.

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