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Believing These Myths About Rug Cleaning Keeps You From Growing

There are many myths about rug cleaning. Believing them can keep you from growing. Some of the most common myths surround pet urine and bleach. Others are about allergens and irresponsible cleaning. Learn the facts so you can avoid them. We’ve broken down each myth for you. Believing these myths will prevent you from becoming a professional rug cleaning.


The use of bleach in carpet cleaning may seem like a great idea, but the reality is that this chemical is not as helpful as some people think. Using bleach on your carpet will damage its fibers, so it is important to know how to use it safely. The amount of bleach to use will depend on the type of carpet you have and the components of the carpet cleaner. Bleach can be harmful if not used properly, so you should make sure that you dilute it before you use it.


One of the biggest myths about rug cleaning is that you can’t use a vacuum cleaner to remove stains and odors. While vacuum cleaners are able to remove most of the dust, dirt, and odors from rugs, they can also stir up allergens. This is why rug cleaning should be done by a professional, rather than by a home owner.


One of the most common myths about rug cleaning is that you don’t need to clean it regularly. While the carpet is designed to resist dirt and stains, regular vacuuming and cleaning with an effective rug cleaners will help your rug look better for longer. In addition, regular vacuuming will keep the fibres of your rug clean and refreshed. The myth of “no need to clean rugs” may be the most prevalent myth when it comes to rug cleaning.

Renting machines

Rug Doctor is one company that rents out professional-grade rug cleaning machines. With more than 30,000 locations nationwide, this company can provide you with the machinery you need to keep your rugs clean and looking great. To find a nearby location, simply enter your ZIP code on the company’s website. It will then show you the nearest locations and allow you to reserve a machine. Some locations even offer convenient machine delivery. Read wpc16 com login

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