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Best 3 Ways to Convert AI to PDF

How can I convert AI to PDF? It is not easy for first-time users to convert their files and folders into different formats. They use various methods and tools to make the process as hassle-free as possible. Different online free and paid tools are available to convert the files into any format on just a single click. Do you want to know about those online tools?

The following methods are straightforward to convert AL to PDF effortlessly, so you don’t need to hit your mind around here and there:

Method No 1: Convertio to convert AI to PDF

As one of the excellent and best tools for converting AL to PDF files, Convertio is a wonderful and valuable tool.   Utilizing this tool, you will be able to have your file converted into different formats without any hassle whatsoever through complete freedom.  Its most remarkable feature has been its ease of use, by providing users with more than 2500 conversion options.

Aside from converting presentations, images, eBooks, PDF files, or even archives, this tool has many functions.  Dropbox and Google Drive can also be used with this tool.

Thus, using this tool is meant not just for advanced users but also for professionals. You can make it even for your college assignments for the easy conversion of files in just one click. 

Method No 2: to convert AI to PDF

Let’s talk about, the most popular and most reliable converter tool. When converting PDF files or folders, this tool is the most recommended system. Due to its ease of use and pleasant interface, this tool is becoming so popular.  Regardless of their level of experience, experts and beginners make the most of this device to convert their files or folders effortlessly and efficiently.

To add an AL file to the page, you must select it and drag it into the page.Your document can be converted into PDF or any other format you desire. Over 50 formats are supported.

Select the page orientation, web orientation, and page dimension options next. If your file is converted, it will most likely take a few seconds. Both can be downloaded or exported to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Method No 3: AnyCony to convert AI to PDF

The AnyCony tool is relatively new and easily converts AI to PDF. The tool has a special place since it will enable files and folders to be easily converted between different formats without causing any hassles or complications. Even a beginner will find it easy to use with no training with so many user-friendly features.

You can use it for free. The program does not require installation or downloading, nor does it require an internet connection.  

You can also use this tool for converting our images and audio. It can also convert our videos. You can access the tool through their mailing service if you encounter any issues during the conversion process.  To use this tool, your file must not be larger than 50MB.

Choose the file you want to convert from the “choose file” option. To convert your file successfully, it must be smaller than 50MB.Start the conversion process by clicking the “convert” option. When it’s finished, you’ll be able to download your new converted file from the tool. 


All the three online tools we have mentioned for you above are excellent to check to know how to convert AI to PDF. Find the one you think is convenient to use and can handle different file format options to make your conversion process a quick task. Go for it now and convert your files in just a few seconds. 

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