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Best parks and gardens in Barcelona

Barcelona is renowned for its endless architectural wonders, its paradisiacal beaches, or the incredible Mediterranean-style gastronomic offer that you can find in the hundreds of restaurants, some of them even Michelin-starred.

In addition, we cannot forget the huge shopping malls, their famous festivals, and their internationally recognized museums. Considering all this, it is logical that the city receives millions of tourists a year. This is why most foreigners prefer to take spanish lessons Barcelona over other cities.

However, in this article, we want to point out that the city is also home to many impressive parks and gardens, like natural oases in the middle of a bustling concrete jungle. You might be surprised to know that Barcelona has several areas full of trees, plants, and flowers, with playgrounds for children and adults alike.

It is true that practically all tourists and those who travel to learn spanish in Barcelona, decide to visit the city to see La Sagrada Familia, walk along Las Ramblas, go to the beaches or visit all its museums and exhibitions, among many other things; leaving aside the green areas such as parks and gardens.

And it’s understandable because in Barcelona there are too many things to see and visit. But if time permits, we recommend you visit the parks mentioned below as they will dazzle you with their beauty, especially if you travel during the spring when the gardens are in full splendor, full of flowers and all the shades of green that exist.

Without further ado, we will mention which we think are the most beautiful parks in the city so you can sit and relax for a while among nature or perform some kind of activity surrounded by beautiful and vibrant vegetation.

Ciudadela Park

The Parc de la Ciutadella is a very classical park, which was, for an extended period, the only public park in the city. That is why it is very well known and famous, although it is not the only one for many years.

It was built in 1888 on the site of the city’s old fortress. Its location is privileged since it is very close to the triumphal arch and many attractions located in the center of the town.

This park has a very large area of 17 hectares, the second largest in the city, after Montjuic Park. That is why most athletes choose it for their physical activities.

Citadel Park also has a lake, a greenhouse, and a waterfall. You can’t miss it!

Horta Labyrinth Park

This park is very particular and one of the oldest. It is a neoclassical style garden which contains a beautiful and incredible vegetal labyrinth, which is one of the main reasons to visit this park. 

It was designed by an Italian gardener named Domenico Bagutti for the Desvalls family. That is why the park is located on the grounds of an estate owned by the Desvalls family. 

Today, its neoclassical and romantic imprint can still be seen in many of its works, sculptures, and palace.

As for the labyrinth is a vast plant maze composed of cypresses, and along its route, you can see fountains and some beautiful monuments, such as Eros (God of love). But be aware that getting out of it is not an easy task.

Believe it or not, tourists little know this park. However, it is very visited by locals, so if you prefer to go when there are not many people, we recommend you to go in the morning. 

Cervantes Park

This park is located between Esplugues Avenue and Diagonal Avenue. It is one of the most beautiful cities as it overflows with flowers and roses. It contains more than 11,000 rose bushes of many different varieties (245 different varieties, to be exact). Due to the favorable climate offered by the area, the rose bushes bloom during a large part of the year, from April to November.

The park offers a children’s play area, several picnic areas, chairs and benches, ping-pong tables, and many pergolas that provide large shaded areas for sweltering days.

Creueta del Coll Park

It is a beautiful square with ample space full of playgrounds for children, but one of its most beautiful attractions is its lake, the favorite outdoor pool of the citizens of Barcelona during the summer. Therefore, you can take a dip if you are visiting during the summer.

Parc del Centre de Poble Nou

This park was created in 2008 and is located at the end of the Villa Olimpica. Walls surround it but are covered with vegetation, which allows isolating the city’s noise.

The park has immense and lush vegetation that allows visitors to rest from the intense sun on hot summer days.

Tamara Gardens

The gardens consist of the statelier and orderly zone and the rustic and wild area. Above all, the recreational park, designed by Rubió, stands out, with several fountains and statues. This park formerly belonged to a very wealthy family.

Although the park is not very large, it is wide enough to take a walk and enjoy its vegetation and its environment.

Turó del Putxet Gardens

It is a park located 178 meters high, on a hill; therefore, it takes a pretty big effort to get there… But it is worth it!

Due to its height, from the lookout point of this park, you will get beautiful views of the city. It also has a weather station and a geodesic observatory at the top of the hill.

The park offers picnic areas, a dog area, a children’s playground, ping-pong tables, a bocce court, and public restrooms. 

Mossèn Costa i Llobera Gardens

It is a very different park from all the others. These gardens, better known as the Cactarium of Barcelona, specializing in non-cacti and cacti, including species from worldwide.

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