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Canberra – The Place Move to For Politics

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is the nation’s political centre, it offers unique opportunities for academic and professional growth. If you are simply thinking if a move to Canberra with removalists to pursue your passion in politics is right for you. This article takes a look at what you should know before taking that step and moving to Canberra to study politics:


Great academic institutions

The Australian National University (ANU) is a top-ranking university in Canberra, well-known for its strong focus on politics, international relations, and public policy. It houses the prestigious Crawford School of Public Policy and the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs. Other institutions, like the University of Canberra, also offer courses related to politics and public policy.

Numerous specialty courses

Some of the course options you have in Canberra to help you on pursuing a career in politics are:

Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics – This interdisciplinary undergraduate degree, typically offered at the Australian National University (ANU), combines the study of politics, philosophy, and economics to provide a well-rounded understanding of policy-making, political theory, and economic analysis.

Bachelor of Political Science – This undergraduate degree provides a comprehensive understanding of political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy.

Bachelor of International Relations – This course focuses on global politics, diplomacy, and international affairs, touching upon topics like security, human rights, and global governance.

Bachelor of Public Policy – This program teaches students about policy-making, policy analysis, and policy evaluation in local, national, and international contexts.

Local access to government institutions

Canberra is home to key government institutions, such as the Australian Parliament House, the High Court of Australia, and various government departments and agencies. This proximity to the heart of Australian politics offers students unique opportunities to witness political processes firsthand and engage with policymakers.

Abundance in networking opportunities

Living in Canberra provides numerous opportunities to connect with professionals working in politics, public policy, and international relations. Attend events, workshops, and conferences to expand your network and gain insights into the political landscape.

Fantastic internship and job opportunities

Studying in Canberra may give you access to internships, part-time jobs, or even full-time positions in political institutions, think tanks, and NGOs, providing valuable practical experience to complement your academic studies. Here are 10 potential job roles post study:

Policy Analyst – Research, analyze, and evaluate public policies to inform decision-makers in government, NGOs, or private sector organizations.

Diplomat/Foreign Service Officer – Represent your country abroad, work in embassies or consulates, and engage in diplomatic negotiations on various international issues.

Political Advisor – Provide advice and support to politicians, political parties, or government officials on policy matters, public relations, and political strategy.

Legislative Assistant – Work with elected officials, assisting in research, drafting legislation, and liaising with constituents.

Lobbyist – Advocate for specific policies or interests on behalf of organizations, corporations, or interest groups by engaging with policymakers and stakeholders.

Public Affairs Consultant – Advise organizations on how to manage their relationships with government agencies, politicians, and the public, focusing on communication and reputation management.

Communications Specialist – Manage public relations, media relations, and internal communications for political organizations, government agencies, or private sector companies.

Political Risk Analyst – Assess the impact of political events and trends on investments, business operations, or international trade for private companies or financial institutions.

Human Rights Officer: – Work for NGOs, international organizations, or government agencies to promote and protect human rights domestically or internationally.

Intelligence Analyst – Gather, analyze, and interpret intelligence data to inform national security policies and decision-making processes.

Life in Canberra

Canberra boasts various cultural attractions, such as the Australian War Memorial, the National Gallery of Australia, and the National Museum of Australia, which can provide insights into Australian history, politics, and society.

Living in Canberra is known for its high quality of life, with plenty of green spaces, cycling paths, and outdoor activities. However, it’s essential to be prepared for the relatively high living costs, including accommodation, transportation, and daily expenses.

The weather in Canberra is a distinct four-season climate, with hot, dry summers and cold winters that can include frost and occasional snow. Make sure to pack appropriate clothing for the varying weather conditions and be sure to compare various furniture movers to help you move.

In summary, studying politics in Canberra is an excellent choice and offers unparalleled access to the heart of Australia’s political system, world-class academic institutions, and various opportunities for internships and networking. By immersing yourself in this unique environment, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of politics and public policy while forging connections that can shape your future career.

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