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Check Out These Beautiful Winter Flowers

Winter is such a beautiful time – the cool breeze, the light drizzle, the romantic atmosphere – it’s too magical to be true. This causes many flowers to shrink in the garden. You need to grow some of the best winter flowering plants to make the garden bloom with a flower during the winter season.

With the best winter season flowers, there is always something to love and smile at. Surprise your loved ones by ringing their doorbell with a fragrant bouquet of flower delivery by FlowerAura. In this post, we share some of the best winter flowers in India.


Also known as “sweet” alyssum, this is a beautiful plant to have in your land and gardens. The name comes from its inherent sweet smell that carpets the entire area when it is in full bloom. If you love to have bees and butterflies hovering in your garden, alyssum is a must have.


Petunia is an annual flowering plant. It is a huge producer of flowers and with proper care it blooms till May-June. Petunia flowers best blooms in winter season,

It does not require much care with little care; it gives a great look to your garden. It can be propagated both by seed and cuttings, seed propagation is easy and the best method of planting.


Dahlia flower plant is a very beautiful flower of winter season in India. It can be grown in three ways by cuttings, seeds and buds. The ideal time to grow this flowering plant is September-October. Dahlia flowering plants actually grow to be the size of our palm. Cuttings would be an easy way to propagate a dahlia flower plant. There are many colors available in dahlias like pink, red, light yellow, etc.


Aster comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Basically aster flowering plants native to South America, they also thrive in Indian winters. In addition to cold temperatures, they tolerate hot temperatures as well. Give the asters a fighting chance and make sure the pot and soil are draining well.

Winter jasmine

It is also one of the few winter flowers that grow in winter. And winter jasmine flowers are low-maintenance plants; All you have to do is find a spot in your garden where jasmine gets sunlight and make sure the soil is well drained. And jasmine is a perennial. Remember to fertilize it when the flowering period is over.

Sweet Peas

If you’re looking for a fragrant winter flower in India for table centerpieces, look no further. This flower has a lovely fragrance. Sweet peas also look great in wedding bouquets because the bride can carry them in her arms as she walks down the aisle. They also work well for courses. Sweet peas are available in red, white, pink and purple.


Pansies are winter-bloomers, and they can survive harsh winter conditions as well. They have stunning butterfly shaped flowers that also come in many colors. These low-growing plants can grow well during a shade, which can further enhance the design of your garden.


Often sold as potted plants at Christmas time, poinsettias can also be cut and used in bouquets. The most popular are poinsettias with red flowers, but you can also find poinsettias in marble color. They’re hard to find, but poinsettia also come in orange and purple. Why not send it your loved ones this coming christmas? All you need to do is look for a reliable online flower store and get it delivered at your doorsteps.


Gerbera is a wonderful winter flower of India, Gerbera flower is mostly used in wedding decorations, engagement stages in India. This plant is expensive and its flowers are sold in the market for decoration.


It is also known as the winter bulb. These flowers are beautiful and can be perfect for your garden. Daffodil flowers can also enhance the beauty of a flower bouquet when the florist uses them to make various flower arrangements. This flower comes in a variety of colors including pink, yellow and white, orange and tricolor.


Winter is the best season to plant chrysanthemum flower. Its flowers bloom very well in cold climates, chrysanthemum can be grown in two ways – cutting and sowing. Just choose your favorite color and you will find yourself in chrysanthemum flowers.


The vibrant mustard and orange flowers are some of the easiest to grow and can bring a lot of contrast to any garden. They look stunning as great pot plants as well when planted on borders with other winter beauties. Flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provide health and beauty benefits.

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