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Choose Your Health While Buying A Deodorant

Before leaving the house, almost everyone uses deodorant, perfume, or body spray. It gets necessary to smell pleasant whenever you are in a public location, whether you are heading to the office during the day or just out with your friends for a night show movie.

However, If you do not use an organic product, you are putting your health at risk. Using a deodorant with a pleasant scent, such as lavender natural deodorant is always a safer choice. Continue reading to learn more about the chemicals found in chemical Deo sprays and sticks and their alternatives.

Is it aluminium-free?

A majority of chemical-based deodorants contain aluminum: one of the most dangerous chemical compounds. Aluminum compounds are mostly found in antiperspirant deodorants that regulate sweating. They block the pores in your armpit, thus preventing sweating. Long-term use of these products might cause health problems like Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

Does it contain any additives?

Low-cost chemicals such as methylene chloride, acetone, alcohol, silica, ethanol, and others may be found in some deodorants. These are mostly employed for colour, aroma, and other related purposes. Silica polluted with crystalline quartz can cause skin irritations and itching, as well as can pose a risk to cancer. These chemical ingredients can also result into shortness of breath, dizziness, renal damage, and other significant health problems.

You’re safe if you use the Indus Valley 100% organic lavender natural deodorant roll-on stick since it contains essential oils and lavender extracts, glycerin, and other organic ingredients that won’t harm your health.

Is it paraben-free?

These days, parabens is a widely used chemical in cosmetics that is used to prevent bacterial and mould growth in the products.

Parabens, according to dermatologists, can infiltrate your skin tissues and remain there for a long time. They work in the same way as oestrogen does. Increased oestrogen levels in the body can lead to breast cancer, weight gain, and infertility owing to reproductive system difficulties, amongst others.

If it conceals the body odor or treats it?

To minimise body odour, several deodorants contain hydrogen peroxide. The chemical can cause rashes and irritation on the skin, as well as can result into scarring around the region, wherever applied.

To prevent bacterial growth on sweaty armpits, most nature-based deodorants contain natural soda. The lavender natural deodorant roll-on stick controls body odour without controlling excessive sweating. It will maintain the normal functions of your kidneys throughout the day with no bad odours.

Does it contain alcohol?

According to the experts, alcohol in your Deo sprays burns the skin tissues, resulting in discoloration, itching, swelling, redness, and other symptoms in that sensitive underarm area. Non-alcoholic deodorants are gentle on the skin and provide a long-lasting aroma with natural extracts and essential oils.

Women are often suggested not to go for men’s deodorant or perfume since the difference is not unnoticeable. If the dilemma persists for longer than usual, one can choose something like lavender natural deodorant which has a sweet-scented fragrance of the flowers of Lavender.

If you have got any questions or concerns regarding the deodorant/deo-sticks/side effects/reactions caused due to their regular usage, feel free to get in touch with our experts.

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