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Common Back Problems and How Physical Therapy Helps

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of addressing pain that limits mobility and makes you uncomfortable. Poor posture can lead to back pain, as can an injury such as a car accident. You might have neck pain from sitting at a computer for too long, or struggle with low back pain because of tight muscles. We look to identify the problems that are causing your back pain and to create a treatment plan that will reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

Common Back Problems in Physical Therapy

When you see a physical therapist in Fairborn for physical therapy, there are a number of problems you might be experience. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy in Lambertville, MI, we see patients with back strain, tight muscles, poor mobility, cervical spine injuries, and other issues that are causing back pain. Whether your condition is due to an accident, or you have chronic pain from poor posture, physical therapy in Bowling Green can help.

How Physical Therapy Works

You will meet with a physical therapist here at PT Link Physical Therapy to talk about what is going on with your back and the pain you are experiencing. An evaluation is done to determine if there are any structural problems with your back and to test your range of motion. Imaging may be ordered if the physical therapist has any concerns with the structure of your back. You will begin physical therapy to improve circulation, reduce strain on your back, and to strengthen your muscles. Toronto Physical therapy is a natural solution to back pain, giving your body the help it needs to heal naturally.

Your Physical Therapy Appointments

In the beginning of treatment, you will see the physical therapist several times a week for treatment. You might learn new stretches, receive ultrasound or hot and cold therapy to reduce inflammation. Your physical therapist will talk to you about ways to enhance the care you receive when you are at home and may prescribe a home exercise program. Treatment is several times a week in the beginning, as treatment has a compounding effect.

Your Home Exercise Program

When you begin your home exercise program, it may feel too easy for you. Your exercise program is designed to help you build up strength slowly. You should not have pain when you exercise, and report any problems with your exercises to your therapist. If an exercise hurts, it will need to be changed in order to be productive. Pain when you do your therapy exercises is not going to be productive.

If you have pain, and you are looking for a natural solution without the use of medication, it’s time to consider PT Link Physical Therapy. Give us a call at [Direct] and set up your first appointment. You will be able to meet with a physical therapist and discuss your treatment goals. Discover how physical therapy can reduce or eliminate pain and allow you to live a more active life.

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