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Concrete Countertops Cost, and its Stunning Finish Choices

With its extensive finishes range, concrete countertops cost between $65 and $135 per square foot. So, paint it yourself or get them in various veiny topcoats.

When doing major renovations at home, people usually consider a decent budget for kitchen essentials. So, if you are willing to transform the look of your kitchen, go for a sturdy countertop. Your kitchen counter can bring much of the difference. In terms of price, concrete countertops cost are manageable- but slightly pricier than granite slabs. 

Furthermore, the fabrication and installation of concrete countertops may cost you much more than other natural stones. But, the end product will be worth it. If concrete countertops are your top choice, you might want to consider their finish choices that fit your current style. As concrete counters come from scratch, you can choose any finish and texture for the top surface.  

So, this post will highlight some fantastic finish options for concrete countertops. And more about how you can paint them yourself. Here are the top finishes to choose from:

  1. Veined finish
  2. Marbleized finish
  3. Wood-grained finish
  4. Polished concrete
  5. Aggregate finish
  6. Hand troweled finish


Veined finish:

All-natural stones are desirable due to their unique veiny patterns. For concrete countertops, you have solid scope for more kinds of finishes. The reason is that you can create any look you want on a flat concrete surface. So, go for any veined finish if you wish to copy granite or marble patterns. They all look attractive on unfinished concrete kitchen slabs. Moreover, if you mix concrete with other natural stones, it will create a desirable topcoat.

Marbleized finish:

Some concrete finishes allow you to have a high-end stone look with sheer excellence- the marbleized coating is one of them. By making plain paint and then staining it in different layers, you can create a perfect marble finish coat for concrete slabs. Moreover, the best part is that you can do it yourself or by a professional. This kind of finish is the top favorite among most homeowners. Plus, it can hide the visible seams.

Wood grained finish:

Honestly, this one is the most technical finish as compared to others. By using bark or lath strips, you can easily create a wood-grained look on concrete surfaces. In addition, it gives perfect wood edging to the kitchen countertops suppliers. And the roughness of the unfinished wood looks natural and appealing on the top. So, the trick is to cast straight or curved lines while the mixture is damp and then let it dry. 

Polished concrete:

If a rough wooden or matte finish is not what you like, go for a polished concrete finish. First of all, it is smooth, shiny, and flawless. Moreover, you can take the level of luster to any level you want. In this way, your kitchen counter will look glamorous and clean most time. But, you can opt for a low lusty coating for a natural-looking surface. 

Aggregate finish:

Remember, you can mold or create concrete into any final look: natural or dramatic. Well, you already know about the natural look. For a striking or unique countertop, mix your concrete molding with any decorative elements. Be it stones, glass, or gems: it will produce a trendy outlook when dry. 

That is why you call it the aggregate method of finishing. When you apply these concrete finishes, they leave a distinctive texture, day and night. Also, some glass and gemstones sparkle at night, which makes it even more dramatic for visitors. Plus, seal the countertop to enhance the aggregate effect. 

Hand troweled finish:

From smooth to textured, you can create any coating by hand trowling the concrete slab. In this case, you need organic/natural elements to create a non-glossy look. In addition, you could use earthy tones like grey, beige, or brown sand to produce a natural and sturdy look. Also, apply a low-luster but quality sealer for a matte finish. Generally, this finish will warm up your cooking area. 

If you are more of a DIY person, painting is an excellent way to go. Stay tuned for some painting tips below.

How to paint your concrete countertops?

A concrete surface top is a perfect space to show your artistic skills. So, view it as a canvas and paint it the way you desire. So, follow the steps below:

  • First, choose integral color- that is, mix the color base into the concrete mixture. Be it in the powdered form of paint.
  • While the concrete is still wet, apply the spray paint now. Choose any base color like white or grey, or go for bold color tones.
  • Furthermore, protect your entire kitchen through the whole process as it can be messy.
  • After that, try an acid wash to a darker tone, a bit more like natural stones. Either use a brush or use a spray bottle.
  • Also, you can apply roller paints for long-lasting results. But, apply many coats and seal them for better results.
  • For a polished or glossy surface, apply epoxy paints as the top coating. A clear coat at the end will protect the finish for a long time.
  • Finally, follow all the steps by applying a sealer at the end.

How much do concrete countertops cost?

The price of concrete countertops ranges from $65 to $135 per square foot. Material, design, installation, finish, and labor directly affects the concrete countertop’s cost. 

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As concrete slabs can be expensive, many people choose to paint them instead. Hire a professional or paint it yourself as you have many choices in the finish. You have marbleized, veined, wood, and many other top coatings. But, the finish you choose will impact the concrete countertops cost. Also, do not forget to seal for more protection. Moreover, follow the above steps to paint your countertop. Or, go to silver marble granite for the best quality countertops at the fairest rates.

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