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Dealing With a Dead Tree? Remove It Immediately!

Dead and dying trees are a common sight in the area, simply because trees face so many natural threats. When trees have lived their lives, their remains can attract insects, spread disease, and pose a safety risk. Hiring an expert to remove them is the safest choice for a property owner to make.


Why Do Trees Die?

A dead tree is a sad sight to behold. Its bark becomes withered, its branches gradually hollow out, and its trunk will lack color. In some cases, dead trees are even knocked over because of high winds and pounding rain.

Severe weather isn’t the only thing that kills trees; insect infestation and disease also play a role. Trees face many perils in our area, and when they finally pass on, professional Tree Removal Services may become necessary.

A Dead Tree Is a Safety Risk

It’s important to remove dead trees as quickly as possible due to the dangers they pose to people and property. A dead, hollow tree may lose branches at any time because it’s weak and lacks the strength of a healthy tree. These trees can’t withstand snow, wind, and heavy rains, which makes it tough to predict their behavior.

A branch or tree may fall on a vehicle or a home, causing serious damage and even injury. Some dead trees even fall and damage nearby power lines and properties. Homeowners are responsible for the damages caused by dead trees on their property, but it’s possible to minimize financial liability by scheduling professional tree removal services.

Don’t Let a Dead Tree Become a Magnet for Pests

Another reason to remove dead trees right away is because they attract pests and spread diseases that have adverse effects on shrubbery and lawns. When trees die from bacterial or fungal infections, those illnesses may spread to nearby vegetation.

Dead trees are the perfect home for wood-devouring insects that accelerate deterioration and spread to other plants. Don’t let a dead tree put other plantings at risk, call to schedule tree removal today.

What’s Involved in a Tree Removal?

While it may seem simple to remove dead trees, that’s not always the case. Every job is different, and that’s why it’s so important to have the process overseen by an arborist. Our experts can remove dead trees from residential properties efficiently and safety.

Our experts start by roping or rigging dead branches and carefully lowering them to minimize the risk of damage to nearby plantings and structures. Limbs and trunks are put into a woodchipper, which turns them into mulch for future landscaping use. We won’t leave any debris behind, which means the yard will be clean and safe for the family to enjoy.

Let Us Help

If there’s a dead tree on your land and it needs to be removed, count on us to get the job done. Our experts are insured, licensed, and certified arborists who can handle tree removal jobs from beginning to end. Request additional information via our online form or call today to schedule an estimate.

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