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Desert Safari Dubai: What to expect from this adventure?

After the buggy rental in Dubai, the extravagant fun will surprise you. However, there is a lot else to enjoy during this adventure as well. We are glad that UAE converted the dry blob into a fun jaunt. 

Now, this country welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world. Following is the recreation you can expect from Desert Dubai.


Camel Ride

Other than buggy rental Dubai service, there is the camel safari. Touring around the shiny caramel sand with a slow and steady ride is exceptional. Camels are beautiful as well. 

They are big and possess high tolerance level. Their hump depicts a different feel as compared to horses. 

Although apparently they seem dangerous to ride, they are quite comfortable in actual. Camel riding permits lots of travel activities. For instance, you can snap photos and record videos. Sensing the texture of sand while sitting on a camel is amusing too. 

You can rent a camel for almost an hour for such an amazing experience. With the passage of time, you will realize their calmness towards the riders. Furthermore, it is breathtaking to observe camels’ capacity to survive in desert. 

Buggy Ride

Buggy rental in Dubai online via websites like Enduro Bike Adventure is quite convenient. Their staff is always cooperative and the rides are safe every time. The recovery team is prepared for the first aid or other emergencies. 

The team accompanies their motorbike tours with protection kits. Moreover, they provide footwear and helmets. There are other notable buggy rental Dubai services as well like and Make sure to contact before traveling. Ask about their availability and costs. 

In case they accept online or call bookings, then go for it. Furthermore, view their existing customers’ feedback online. 

Sunrise from the Sand Dunes

Natural sights are always mesmerizing. The interaction of sun with golden hues of sand is wondrous. Imagine sitting quietly on sand and waiting for sun to rise. These calming moments help to rejuvenate your inner self as well. Your deep thoughts start accompanying you. 

Once the sun is near the horizon, you will observe the distinctive colors in sky. The warm shades will perfectly suit the cool morning breeze. Additionally, capture such moments in your camera. They are amazing for the future nostalgic episodes. 

You can keep these details in your Dubai desert safari memories. Upload the photos of sun and sand combo on Instagram. 

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

Adventure is not just on the sand dunes. You can elevate a bit to observe its beauty from a distance. Hot air balloon rides are popular choices of tourists in the UAE. Usually, an air balloon can carry 24 individuals at a time. 

It is perfect for enjoying a 360 degree view of this desert. Besides, animals like camels wander in the desert. You will spot many during your ride. 

This is also a fun opportunity to interact with other sightseers. You might make new friends and convert your Dubai safari tour into an informative one. 

Arabic Cuisine

Arabian cuisine has similarities with South Asian dishes. It is savory with plenty of tea or Qehwa. Arabs love meat. Furthermore, the dishes widely cover the herbs and spices, rooting back to their traditional root. Some remarkable dishes are hummus, grilled halloumi and falafel. 

Arab cuisine encompasses fresh ingredients which are healthy as well. Mighty lamb dishes are the star of every Arabian dinner. Try to grasp this opportunity instead of ordering fast food in the hotel room. 

You can even do grocery shopping to buy Arabic cuisine ingredients. Prepare the food in the hotel along with your family and friends.

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