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Enthralling features of cigarette packaging

Cigarettes have become an item of daily use by the masses in all parts of the world. People of all ages like to have cigarettes either regularly or for occasional use. With the increase in the use of cigarettes, there has been an evolution in the design and packaging style. In this article, we will talk about the packaging style of cigarette boxes and how you can make your brand make a mark.


Use of cigarettes in current times

Cigarettes are not just a habit anymore, instead, they have become a symbol of style and luxury. Some people like to have them just out of habit. But most people start smoking because of the feeling of adventure associated with them. No matter what, no one likes to have a boring cigarette box in their possession. Here we will talk all about custom cigarette boxes. And how they can make your brand of cigarettes stand out.

Importance of cigarette boxes

Cigarettes need to look stylish to meet the purpose of being a style statement for the owner. However, cigarette companies are focusing more and more on their printing and design. Their main focus after formulating the product is to create state-of-the-art custom cigarette boxes. Only the companies with impressive packaging leave an enduring impact on the buyers. Hence, this will make them choose your product every time they are browsing for options.

The catchy appearance of cigarette boxes

Most consumers of cigarettes are young people and for them, a cigarette is a form of fashion and adventure. Consequently, brands are creating custom cigarette boxes with impressive designs and catchy prints and pictures. This increases the appeal of the product for consumers many times over. If you want your product to get high sales. Then, stylish custom cigarette boxes are the number one requirement 

Suitable packaging material

The packaging material that is most popular for cigarettes is cardboard, paperboard, or cardstock material. Moreover, there can be multiple options for the thickness of custom cigarette boxes wholesale. Hence, it depends according to your need and budget. Cardboard material is very sustainable and suitable for the storage of the product. The packaging boxes are easy to make and ship in bulk for use. There are some basic points that the packaging needs to meet for it to be perfect for the cigarettes.

Safety of cigarettes

The most vital role of cigarette boxes is to keep the cigarettes safe and fresh. The composition of cigarettes is very delicate so packaging must be able to retain its shape. Moreover, if the quality of the box is not good enough it will cause to break and damage the shape. This spoils the taste and makes them unfit for the use of the consumer. For additional safety, there is a seal of thin plastic on the box for storage in the market for a long time. This keeps moisture out so that the tobacco retains its freshness and aroma.


One of the key factors that a packaging material needs to meet is the ability to be recycled. This is important so that the boxes do not contribute to an increase in land pollution. This is the only reason why most brands use paper-based cigarette boxes. If this need is not met, the spare boxes could be a disaster for nature. Cardboard material boxes on the other hand are completely nature-friendly and easily recyclable.

Marketing of your product

Another very important purpose that cigarette boxes serve apart from storage is the marketing of your brand. You can do this by featuring your company name or logo on the box with prominent printing designs. You can also put a logo tag inside the seal of the packaging. This is a great way to get a better place for your brand so that it gets popular in the industry.

Unique properties of cigarette boxes

Cigarette boxes are different from other paper packaging boxes in many ways including their shape and other properties. Here are some of the ways you can make cigarette boxes suitable for the safe storage of the product.

Flip-top design

This design is unique to cigarette boxes and makes cigarette packaging different from other types of paper box packaging. It is a one-piece box with a hinge-type lid that you can tuck over the closure. In a way, it is akin to a tuck top box. But the lid does not get tucked inside, instead, it covers the front of the box.

Paper trays

Not all but many cigarette boxes contain paper trays inside the packaging box. This makes it easier and more valuable to use. You can simply remove the eliminate from the box. By sliding out the tray from the box.

Customization of cigarette boxes

To make custom cigarette boxes for your brand you can select the options of printing, design, and size of your choice to fit your product. Packaging box suppliers provide multiple options for customizing to make custom cigarette boxes wholesale. You can select custom options for all possible features of your cigarette boxes to design them according to your choice. Here are the foremost features that you can consider customize.


The dimension of the box depending on the size of the cigarettes that you want to fit in the box. It also depends on how many cigarettes you want to sell in a cigarette box. You can choose a box for ten or twenty cigarettes depending on your choice.


The most common type of foiling that we see on the boxes is a gloss finish. The inside lining of the box is made to keep the cigarettes safe from humidity and heat damage. For a more sleek look at the cigarette box. You can go for a matte finish on the box.


There are multiple options for printing and design for making custom printed cigarette boxes. A more preferable option for printing and colors on cigarette boxes ought to be bold and classy. Moreover, you can make certain texts pop. By using various printing techniques like debossing and spot UV.

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