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Signs It’s Time to Find a Dentist

Oral health is extremely important, yet many Americans only go to the dentist when they’re experiencing severe tooth pain or other emergencies. Instead of waiting until experiencing unbearable tooth pain to start looking for a new dentist, it’s better to take a more proactive approach. Read on to find out about a few of the signs it’s time to see a dentist before an emergency arises.

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There’s Been a Recent Move

It’s common for people to forget about finding new dentists and transferring records when moving to a new city. While it may not be at the top of the to-do list, finding a Family Dentist Downtown before anyone develops cavities or gum disease should definitely be a priority. It can take some time to find a practice that’s accepting new patients or to get an appointment, so don’t wait for too long after a move to find a new dentist.

It’s Been More Than A Year

Experts recommend seeing a dentist for a basic check-up once a year and scheduling routine cleanings with a dental hygienist at least every six months, though everyone’s needs are slightly different. Some people, most notably those who already have problems with their oral health, can benefit from even more frequent cleanings. If it’s been over a year since that last visit to a dentist, it’s well past time to find a new practice and schedule a cleaning and exam.

Gum Pain or Soreness

Most people think of dentists as professionals who care for patients’ teeth. However, gum health is just as important, if not more so. Allowing gum disease to progress unchecked can lead to all sorts of other serious health problems, so it’s never worth putting off a diagnostic exam. The good news for people who are suffering from gum pain or soreness is that gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease, is reversible and relatively easy to treat. The dentist may recommend more frequent cleanings or changes to a patient’s home oral hygiene routine. Allowing gingivitis to progress to periodontal disease, on the other hand, can leave patients facing expensive procedures and even surgeries if they want to save their teeth and maintain overall good health.

Hesitation About Smiling

No one should have to cover up his or her smile. People who have crooked, malformed, or discolored teeth often find themselves feeling self-conscious, though. Heading to a family dentist that also offers cosmetic services is a great way to gain access to a full range of affordable solutions for improving the aesthetics of anyone’s smile.

Dental Care Is Important at All Ages

Maintaining good home oral hygiene habits is important at all ages, but just brushing after meals and flossing daily isn’t enough to keep all tooth and gum problems at bay. That requires the help of a dentist. Not everyone prioritizes dental care, but failing to do so can lead to all kinds of painful and expensive-to-resolve problems down the line. Don’t put off visits to the dentist, even if it means finding a new practice. If you’re trying to find one right now, you can check out this dentist in Salem for your dental care needs.

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