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Five Most Common Types of Dental Injuries

Although dental injuries are not commonly deemed severe, they could be one of the most excruciating experiences one goes through.  Besides ruining one’s smile, causing occasional discomfort, dental injuries can create many other problems. Dental injuries just affect the teeth that were subjected to them, but they also influence the neighbouring dental structures. That is why whenever you are experiencing a dental injury, you ought to seek an emergency Dentist in Birmingham.

Unfortunately, not many people can distinguish dental injury from a typical dental ailment. A dental injury is the injury of any component of your teeth, to put it as simply as possible. So be it an injury to your tooth socket, soft tissue, or roots, all come under the label of dental injury.  Injury to any of the places mentioned above could expose the soft pulp of your tooth to a series of infections and diseases.

How do dental injuries occur?

The primary cause of dental injuries are accidents and intense physical activities like sports. The most common dental injury is minor chipping of teeth,  which is chiefly caused by physical games. Fortunately, dental injuries can be treated if given immediate medical attention.

With that being said most people do not understand what dental injury is, thus they don’t do anything to rectify it. To make it easier for you to identify, here is a brief list of some dental injuries.

  1. Avulsed Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is known as an avulsed tooth. This is one of the most severe dental injuries ever to exist. Here the tooth gets broken off along with the nerves, tissues and blood vessels. There exists only one treatment of the avulsed tooth, i.e. root canal. Although damage rendered by an avulsed tooth can be cured by root canaling, you ought to be mindful of a few things if you want to re-attach the broken tooth.

First off, clean the broken off tooth with only plain water. Secondly, place the broken tooth bac, press it and head straight to seek the dentist and get professional help.

  1. Chipped Tooth

As mentioned above, a chipped tooth is the most common dental injury, which could be cured if treated promptly.

Given the advancing medical technology, a dentist can reattach your broken tooth by using tooth-coloured glue. If a specific portion of the tooth is broken off, a dentist might need to put an artificial cap.

Dental injuries at the back of teeth are split tooth, a fractured cusp and a cracked tooth. If any of these injuries extend into the root, root canaling and crown placement are usually the followed steps. In cases of split teeth, a dentist might also perform a clean tooth extraction.

  1. Tooth concussion

Of all the dental trauma, tooth concussion is considered to be the mildest. In this condition, the fibres of your periodontal ligament might be strained or severed., Constantly, the tooth loosens in the socket and gradually starts to collide with the neighbouring teeth.

  1. Fractured root

Quite understandably, the more severe the tooth injury is, the more are the possibilities of root fractures. The extent and the location of the fracture plays a vital role in determining the success rate of this dental injury. Therefore, the closer your injury is from the root of your damage, the more likely it is to recover. Conversely, the farther away from the tooth injury from the root, the lesser are the recovery chances.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are a lot many determinants that could help you gauge the success recovery rate.

  1. Alveolar Fracture

This is another type of dental fracture that is characterised by fractured bone and alveolar ridge. Although the tooth socket might not appear to be affected by this condition,  it is indeed one of the most problematic conditions that could affect numerous teeth. If the patient’s condition aggravated, it could even influence their mandible and maxillary region.

We hope you have understood that dental injuries come in many forms than expected. Since dental injuries are not always visible, we must never take them lightly. If you have lately, exercising in any of the states mentioned earlier, do not analyze the situation yourself. Instead, you should seek a well-known endodontist, for they are equipped with everything to rectify your condition.

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