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Garden Furniture Cover – What To Consider While Selecting The Best One

Any kind of outdoor cover is designed to keep grime and dirt off the furniture. However, the best garden furniture cover will offer the ultimate protection from harmful UV rays and water damage. So, always be sure to consider the major factors like the features and right sizes for the outdoor furniture cover. There are certain guidelines that you must keep in mind while sizing up the garden patio items.



Whenever you are measuring cover for the grill, always find the distance from the highest barbeque point to the ground. Be sure to measure the length from one side to another and the width from the front portion to the back.

Dining sets:

Always try to measure the chairs and their heights, and then place them around the table and later push them in. Be sure to determine the width and length of the dining setup from the chair, which will back opposite one another. In case the table is round, you have to measure the diameter of it.

Chairs and sofas:

For the outdoor sofa, patio chairs or loveseats in your garden areas, always measure height from the group to the top of the back of your chair. It is mandatory for you to determine the length or the depth from the front side to the back end. In terms of width, you have to measure it from one side to another. The arm height will be from the ground to the top of the arm.

The fabric or the material to select;

Most of the covers for your garden furniture will have vinyl or polyester. Both materials are stain-resistant in nature.

  • The polyester cover will be water-resistant as well. So, it will protect furniture against drizzle and the frozen precipitation.
  • It will further allow the snowmelt and heavy rain to just pass through.  The polyester covers will be budget friendly option for you. However, the material is mainly detrimental to the said environment.
  • Then you have the waterproof version of the vinyl materials, which are durable and will block the precipitation at a complete rate.
  • Some of the covers for the patio furniture will have polyester or fleece with the exterior version of the vinyl laminate, which will waterproof them in an effective manner.
  • The best covers will allow for the air circulation for preventing moisture build-up, leading towards mildew and mold.
  • So, always make sure to look for those covers for the garden furniture with open fit. Aim for the ones, which are not going to cinch tightly at the bottom of it or one that will include a proper vent system.

It is always important to learn more about the materials before finalizing on the best covers for your garden furniture. Research indicates that new materials are hitting the market daily. So, catching up with the best manufacturing firm is important to know more about the latest trendy materials and designed for the garden furniture covers. It helps you to make the right choice without fail!

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