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Hello Kitty Coloring Pages and Pusheen Coloring Pages: Two cats with endless inspiration of children worldwide

If children have the right to vote what their most favorite thing is, it could be everything cute in the world. Cute things don’t only attract children but also lure adults. Hello Kitty and Pusheen are two legendary cute cats and they have millions of fans all around the world. You are not a child but you surely know about Hello Kitty and its story and have seen Pusheen at least one time. It means two characters are very famous and they have become inspiration for many products in fashion, toys, cartoons and many other things. If you have children and they have watched movies or used products related to two legendary characters, it will be a good chance for you to satisfy their passion with our Hello Kitty Coloring Pages and Pusheen Coloring Pages. We understand that all children love Hello Kitty and Pushen so it is the reason why we created these pages to help kids meet their favorite characters again. If you find them interesting, please read this article below to understand better about our products.


Remind children of Hello Kitty story on Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Undoubtedly, Hello Kitty is one of the most important cats in the world. You can see her everywhere such as clothes, books, stickers, paintings, objects. Although Hello Kitty was created in 1974 then she was released as a fictional character by Sanrio – a Japanese company, she is still very popular and has become a symbol in the cartoon way. However, not all people know the mysterious story behind this extremely cute cat. Therefore, in this article, we want to tell you this story again and you can tell your children why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth.

Hello Kitty Rainbow Coloring Pages

When Hello Kitty was released, her appearance was immediately loved by millions of children because she was very cute. However, she had no mouth and it has become one of the most mysterious stories around Hello Kitty. When this question became a general concern, the spokesman of Sanrio company replied to Hello Kitty’s fans. The reason is designers of Sanrio wanted to “project their feelings onto the character” and “be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty”. It means Hello Kitty is a character which respects all emotions of customers. Even though they are sad or happy, Hello Kitty still respects it.

Moreover, there is another explanation about the reason why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth. Hello Kitty can speak from her heart and she can feel anything without words. When you are sad, you can sit together with Hello Kitty and tell her all your problems. And she will listen to you silently and when you finish your story, you will feel better because your Hello Kitty has locked your sadness in her.

In addition, there are many stories around Hello Kitty so you can search for them on Google. However, you should select the most suitable stories to tell your kids because some of the stories are urban legends or dark stories.

Why is cat Pusheen of Pusheen Coloring Pages loved by children?

As said below, cats are an animal loved by many people, especially children. And animated cats like Pusheen even have millions of fans all over the world. It means if you are not a child but you love Pusheen, you are not alone. About the popularity of Pusheen, the first reason is its appearance. Pusheen is a fat cat with a cute face. Although our world encourages a fit body, no one can deny that fat things are very cute. Pusheen is very fat, she looks like a ball and she always shows up with food. Therefore, she is a friendly image with children and even adults. You can allow your children to watch and have products with Pusheen images because she is cute and not a toxic image.

Pretty cute pusheen Coloring Pages

The second reason is that Pusheen is easy to find. It is true, you can see Pusheen in many products from high-end to normal goods. You don’t need to have a lot of money to have a good Pusheen image so you can easily own what you love about Pusheen. If you have children, you can buy many things with Pusheen to give them, and with our Pusheen Coloring Pages, you don’t need to spend money at all. You can download them and print them out.

Finally, Pusheen has many comics and cartoon series, you and your children can watch it together to understand each other more. Kids will feel very happy because their parents are willing to spend time with them. Who knows your family bond will be strengthened after watching movies about cat Pusheen?


Do you love cats? If yes, Hello Kitty and cat Pusheen must be on your list. You can inspire your children to love cats with our Hello Kitty Coloring Pages and Pusheen Coloring Pages. Our pictures are free to download and updated every day. You don’t need to spend money to have these pictures. You can choose pictures you like and print them out, they will be high-quality so your children can color them easily. Don’t forget to have your kids choose the picture they want to color. We are happy to contribute to your family’s memorable memory. Wishing you and your kids a great time with our coloring pages about cats!

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